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Have a go at creating a Piet Mondrian piece of art. The details and examples of his abstract work are in the year 3 maths section. We would be delighted to receive some colourful pictures from you. We will make sure they are displayed in the classroom for when you return to school. If you would like to find out more about this fun artist visit:



In school the key worker children have been having a go at drawing some of the Ancient Egyptian Gods we have been learning about. Take a look at the wonderful display that is in our classroom and have a go at drawing your own. We can’t wait to see your creations!


Ancient Egyptian Gods Display

Below are some examples of Ancient Egyptian Gods. Some of them appear in the stories we are writing. Pick your favourite and have a go at drawing them!



Activity 1

Watch the clip about hieroglyphics.

Try the crack the code challenge on the website.

Then use the hieroglyphic alphabet at the bottom of the website page to write your name. Why not send one of your friends a message in hieroglyphs?

Activity 2

When the wealthy Egyptians died they had elaborate burials and were given fancy death masks. Watch the clip to find out about Tutankhamun - the owner of the most famous death mask. Then design one of your own. Maybe you could include some hieroglyphs and other Egyptian designs.

Activity 3

We've included some colouring to give you a mindfulness brain break.