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Spring 2

Art - Hans Holbein


Week 1 (22.02.21) – 2 (01.03.21)

Over the next two weeks, have a go at recreating a section of a portrait painted by Hans Holbein (a famous Tudor artist). All of the instructions you need are on the document below. Remember, you don’t need to print anything off, just read the information on your device. You also don’t need to buy any new art materials. Watercolours are ideal for this lesson but they’re really not essential, just use what you have around the house!

Spring 1

Art - Peter Thorpe

In Art this term, you will be learning all about the artist Peter Thorpe - an artist who creates space and rocket-themed art. Your first lesson is an artist study where you get to learn all about Peter Thorpe, his style of artwork and what gave him the inspiration for his paintings. Then in lesson 2, you will focus on the background of his artwork and have a go at creating your own abstract art.

Week 5 - 6
Week 3 - 4