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The children have done amazing writing all year. It would be so helpful for your child to keep practising so they cement their skills and learn further. These skills are vital in their writing journey throughout school and life. The children read and sequence the story to help with writing. After the children begin to use their clever writing skills to retell the beginning, middle and end of the story. Your child is used to checking there work and they are expected to show a skill at least once in a piece of writing.  


Writing Hansel and Gretel Please use tricky word mat and phonics sound mats (on first page) to support your child with writing.


The children have enjoyed their reading throughout the year. This really helps with developing their imagination for creating their own stories in Y2. Also reading exposes children to new and learned words which helps and improves writing skills. (Reading and writing go hand in hand). 


I have attached a number of short texts.  Can you support your child to become more independent in reading and understanding text so they are able to answer questions about what they have read. Start with verbal explanation then can they begin to record there understanding in full sentences.