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Weekly Spellings End of Spring Term

Reading Comprehensions

Please Print and have a go, or read on the screen and verbally answer the questions or you can write the answers in your book. Answers are included to support parents.


Week 3 - Write a letter to an elderly person

Older people might be feeling lonely during this time of social distancing, so why not write them a letter? You could write a letter to your grandparents, to an elderly person in your street (even if you've never spoken to them before, they will love to hear from you), or to someone who lives in a care home. We have attached a document with the address of a care home who asked for children to write letters to their residents, but I bet the care home on Cheltenham Road would welcome them too. 

Week 3 - Write a diary of Easter

Remember, the world has never been in a situation like this before; we are making history! One day, your grandchildren might ask you to visit school to tell their class about the time the world was in 'lock down', just the way we've had visitors in school this year to tell us about the past. Remember a diary is a primary source of historical evidence and very reliable because it was written by the person experiencing the situation at the exact time it happened. Become a historian and help yourself to remember the time you made history, so you can tell your children and grandchildren about it in the future. If you enjoy writing your diary over Easter, why not continue writing something each day or every couple of days while you're off school? It could just be a few sentences describing what you've been doing, what you thought about it and how you're feeling. 

Retell the Story of Pentecost

The children have been studying this story as part of their RE curriculum so they are already familiar with it. We would like them to show off their writing skills by retelling the story in their own words. Please read the story again on the powerpoint and use the story map and the success criteria as a guide to what the children should be including. Encourage the children to illustrate their work once their writing is complete.

Week 1 Mothering Sunday Activity

Mothering Sunday Activity

Read through the text and add the appropriate words. The worksheets are differing abilities with a 1-3 star rating (3 star being the trickiest). 


Look through the power point to understand what word families are. There are some questions and a mini quiz as you look through the slides - see if you can have a go at these questions. Look through the power point as many times as you need to. When you feel confident, have a go at the mini test. The answers are included to support parents.

Fronted Adverbials

Look through the power point to refresh the children's memory about fronted adverbials - what they are, how we use them etc. Complete the activities or/and play the matching game. Challenge the children to use these in their writing.