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Writing Task 2

Can you write a riddle about something to do with Spring or Easter? 

Here is an example of a riddle:


What am I?

I can be brown, white, black or spotty

I have four paws and I’m very fluffy.

Amazingly you can find me all over the world

If you look for me you might find me under the ground in my burrow.

My legs are very springy!

People like to feed me carrots but I like other vegetables too.

When it’s Easter I’m very busy delivering chocolate eggs.

What am I?


Answer: Rabbit


Here are some pictures to help you with your clues of baby animals you might see in Spring time:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Don't forget to use the success criteria below to make your riddles super tricky!
Picture 1

Writing idea

Make your own word search using words you find in a book, or with a certain pattern (e.g. -ing, -ed, -ly, -ment,-less,-ful)

Writing Task

Can you write an exciting story using the lighthouse as your setting. 

Don't forget to think about your setting description, your build up, your problem and your ending. 

Use the success criteria to make sure you are being a clever writer!

Picture 1
Picture 1


Practise spelling year 1 and year 2 common exception words...

Picture 1

Build a Reading Den

Pick a day to build a cosy indoor den! Use furniture, pillows and blankets to build your den (make sure you ask an adult first!) Collect what you need to get comfy in your den. And don’t forget to bring your favourite book to keep you entertained!

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