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Summer Activities

Have a go at these Summer themed English activities to keep practising your amazing English skills.

Theme - Materials

Our text is 'The parable of the wise man and the foolish man.' Watch the following video.

Challenge 1

Can you retell the story in your own words? Remember to use the success criteria below!

Challenge 2

Have a go at these English challenge cards to practise your skills!

Theme - Heroes (29.6.20)

Our text is 'Ten rules of being a superhero' by Deb Pilutti. You can listen to this story using the following link:


Challenge 1

Who are Captain Magma and Lava Boy? What are their special powers? Draw and label them. What special powers would you like and why?


Challenge 2

Which other superheroes (and super villains) do you know? Create a fact sheet on villains and a fact sheet on heroes. You could base each 1 on a character, or many characters! Include their special powers and the rules that they must live by e.g. Superman and Supergirl must hide that they are aliens and always tell the truth. Include the key words that describe the character.




SPAG activity mats
Theme - Knights and Castles (22.6.20)

Our text is 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. You can listen to the story by clicking on this link.

Alternatively, you can watch the story on iplayer.


Challenge 1

What do you notice about the words in this story? Can you make a list of all the rhyming words used? Can you think of any other words that would rhyme with some of the words you have found? You could add them to your list.


Challenge 2

Your teachers are busy writing your reports at the moment. Could you be Madam Dragon and write a school report for Zog? What is he good at? What does he need to get better at? Can you think of any special moments Zog had whilst at Dragon School?




Theme - Dinosaurs (15.6.20)

Our text this week is 'Tyrannosaurus Drip.' You can listen to the story by clicking on the following link 


Challenge 1

Choose either a T-rex, or Duckbill dinosaur and find out some facts about it in order to produce some non - fiction writing. You might want to collect your information under the following headings:

Name of dinosaur

Height and weight 

What did it look like?

When did it live?

Where did it live?

Did it have any special features? 


Now, you can choose how you would like to present your information. It could be a report, a fact file, or a poster.


Challenge 2


Design you own dinosaur. Think and talk about: what it looks like, how it behaves, what you are going to call it. You can use ideas from different types of dinosaurs you know of, but try not to copy a dinosaur completely. Draw and label your 'super dinosaur' creation.





Theme - Under the sea (8.6.20)

Challenge 1

Click on the following link. Pause the story and look at the front cover image. Can you predict (good guess) what will happen in the story? Watch the whole story to see if you were correct! Retell the story verbally to an adult, or write the story down with pictures.


Challenge 2

The story ends on Monday when Dougal is about to go diving for pearls. Can you write a diary entry for that day detailing the times and activities that Dougal did? Remember to write in the first person as Dougal.



Monday 8th June

Dear Diary,

Today has been an amazing day! At 9am I ate a delicious, healthy breakfast. After that I carefully checked my scuba diving kit because I didn't want to forget anything.


Use the diary writing checklist below to help you.




Theme - Animals (1.6.20)

Writing Challenges - Week 8




This week our story is 'Where The Wild Things Are.'

Click on the following link to listen to the story.


Challenge 1

Choose a character from the story, it could be Max, or one of the wild animals. Collect and select fantastic adjectives and adverbs to describe your character. Now, write a description of your chosen character. Remember to describe your character's appearance and personality.  


Challenge 2

Can you write the story of Max's adventure with the Wild Things? You could write the original story, or make up a new adventure up for Max and the Wild Things. It's completely up to you! Remember to use the story writing success criteria below.




SPAG revision

Have a go at these Year 2 SPAG revision mats. There are lots to keep you going over the next couple of weeks and answers to check your work too!


To ensure that the children are ready for when they come back to school, keep practising spelling the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words...

Weekly Spellings

We will upload weekly spellings for the children to practise. It is really important for the children to keep practising their spellings, so that they are ready for when we go back to school.


Build a Reading Den

Pick a day to build a cosy indoor den! Use furniture, pillows and blankets to build your den (make sure you ask an adult first!) Collect what you need to get comfy in your den. And don’t forget to bring your favourite book to keep you entertained!

Recommended Reading Books for Year 2 children

Can't You Sleep Little Bear Comprehension


Watch the story, now answer these questions.


Who is the author of this book?

Which adjective was used to describe the sunlight?

What was the Little Bear frightened of?

What is the dark?

What helped Little Bear go to sleep?

How would you describe Little Bear?

How would you describe Big Bear?

Did you like watching this book? Why?