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History Topic

The Anglo Saxons


This half term we will be learning about history. In our last history topic, we learnt all about the Romans in Britain... did you ever wonder what happened when the Romans left Britain? You are about to find out as we delve and dig (like archaeologists) to help us to understand what happened in Britain after the Roman army left. 



Geography topic


Week commencing 25.1.2021


Have a go at making the Fair Trade fortune teller. You could play with a family member of just see if you know the answers yourself. 


If you have someone to do it with, have a go at the fair Trade debate. Take it in turns to read what the person has said (words in bold) and see what discussion you can have about it. If you need some help the words underneath next to the person will give you some ideas. 

Week commencing 1.2.2021

This week we are looking at cocoa farmers and how cocoa is grown. 

Create a picture / diagram to explain the growing and harvesting of cocoa beans. (Use the slides and video).

Can you label your picture and put a sentence to explain what is happening at each stage?

Include some fact boxes about Fair Trade and why it is important for cocoa farmers.


You can present your work how you choose: you could draw and write, use the computer etc

I have added the video link below


Week commencing 18.1.2021