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Using phonics flash cards at home

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Blending in action

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Following on from the video of Mr Thomas showing you how we teach the children to blend at school, here is Georgia showing you what blending looks like when the children have a go at reading their own books.


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This video shows Mr Thomas working with the children to blend the word β€˜sit’. Hopefully this will help you to see how we help the children to blend words at school.

Friday literacy:


Please see below for links to two different pictures for you to explore. One picture is of a robot who has appeared from nowhere to visit earth (just like the alien did in our classroom this week!) and one picture is of a gorgeous little creature who lives in the snow (we picked this picture because bbbbrrrrrr it is chilly outside this morning!). Alongside the pictures are little tasks. Some of the tasks are more suitable for older children but the ‘Question Time’ and ‘Perfect Picture’ bits are fab. Some of you might like the ‘Story Starter’ too. You don’t have to look at both pictures (unless of course your child wants to!) but we thought having the option of two would be nice.



Alien update!

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More clues found! We now know the spaceship belongs to an Alien called Q Pootle 5. He has crashed landed and needs your help. How can he fix his rocket booster in time to get to the moon party? Draw and write your ideas.

Rising Stars reading books

Just a quick reminder about the Rising Stars online reading books that you can access at home. We will be updating these every Wednesday to provide your child with two new books. After every book there is a chance to complete a fun little comprehension exercise to see what your child has learnt. 


Below is the link to the website, any problems please just let us know;


Happy reading everyone! πŸ“š

Initial Sounds

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This is a video to show you how we recap the sounds we have learnt at school. We start each phonics session like this :) You will see that Mr Thomas is encouraging the children to say the sounds purely and join in with the actions. We have also uploaded a video of Mr Thomas showing you the sound flash cards. There is a short pause after each card has been shown before you will hear which sound the letter makes. This gives your child the chance to say the sound. If your child is struggling then perhaps you could pause the video after each sound and support them. Here is a link to a video which shows you how to correctly pronounce each sound in case you are unsure.

Flash cards

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News just in!

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