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Summer term week commencing 13.7.20


Its the final week before the summer holidays and so this week we have a fun summer maths booklet for you to have a go at :-)

Summer term week commencing 29.6.20 and 6.7.20 (2 weeks)


Over the next 2 weeks we will be looking at fractions. In the parents guide there are some really helpful videos explaining exactly how we taught this in school. 

On the worksheets where there is a choice of *,  ** or *** start with **. If it is too tricky go to * or if it is too easy move onto ***. 

The times tables and division you have been learning will come in very useful for some of the tasks :-)  


Summer term week commencing 22.6.20


This week we will be revising 3D shapes. There are some challenges and games for you to have a go at. The weather is much brighter this week so take advantage and see if you can find 3D shapes outside or on a walk?

Summer term week commencing - 15.6.20


Hello everyone,

We looked at perimeter last week and this week we will be revising area. Have a look at the how to guide to refresh your memory. You may need those times tables facts to help you with some of the tasks!

Summer week 8 - 8.6.20


This week we will be looking at perimeter. The 'How to' guide has 3 videos to explain each of the tasks. As always, just do what you can. A little each day is all we ask.



Summer week 7 - 1.6.20


Hi Year 4,

I hope you have all had a great half term and have been enjoying the sunshine. Over the past few weeks you have been practising your times tables and related division facts. This week we will be looking at division using the bus stop method (Short division). 

Summer week 4 and 5 - 11.5.20 and 18.5.20

Hello Year 4,

Over the next few weeks we are going to focus on remembering our times tables and applying them to problem solving. As a reminder, in Year 3 you learned the 3x, 4x and 8x tables and in Year 4 we have been learning the rest (up to 12 x  tables). I will upload activities for each times table so you can practise fluency and applying your knowledge. You can pick and choose which activities you do, don't feel you have to do all of them. You can choose in which order you do them but it may be best to check you know the Year 3 ones first. 





This weeks tasks are all about Roman Numerals. We learned about these in class, so hopefully this should be a refresher.  Remember to do what you can as well as enjoying time with your family and the lovely sunshine we hare having at the moment. 

Week 6 (Summer week 2)  27.4.20