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This week in maths we are looking at money! 


Wednesday - Can you order the coins from the smallest amount to the highest amount? Don't forget the size of the coins does not matter, we need to look at the number on the coin and whether it is pounds or pence! Ask someone at home if they have any real coins that you could use.

Thursday - How much money is in each jar. You could write a number sentence to help you work it out e.g. 5p + 2p = 7p
Challenge jar!
Friday - How many different ways can you make these amounts? You can use as many coins as you want and the same coin more than once!

Monday - Practise your times tables! We have already been practising our 2s, 5s and 10s. For a challenge can you practise your 3s?


Don't forget to use TT rockstars aswell!

Tuesday - Welcome to the shop!

You have 20p to spend at the shop. Can you answer the questions below?

  1. What is the most amount of items you can buy?
  2. What is the least amount of items you can buy?
  3. How many different combinations of items can you buy?
  4. What if you had 50p to spend? 
  5. What if you had £1 to spend!?