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Maths Challenges 20.01.2021


Week 1 – Place Value 

For your first challenge we would like you to learn about Place Value within 20. If you click on the ‘White Rose Maths’ web link you will find lots of informational videos for you to watch which explains what you will be learning. You can pause the videos at certain points to answer questions and check you are understanding it. 

Once you have finished you can download this activity booklet. You can either print it off or write the answers on a piece of paper, it’s up to you.  

This challenge should be done throughout a week. The children will be able to gain a better understanding when this is learnt a bit at a time. 

Week 2 – Shapes 

Your next challenge is all about 2D and 2D shapes. If you click on the ‘White Rose Maths’ web link you will find more informational videos for you to watch which will explain what you will be learning. 

After you have watched the videos there are some further tasks below for you to complete. 


2D Shape I-Spy. Count how many of each shape you can see. You could write down the number next to the shape on a piece of paper or you could even try and do a tally chart. 


3D Shapes around the house. Can you look around your house and see if you can see any objects that resemble the 3D you have learnt. How many of each shape could you find? Which shape did you find the most of? 


Shape Patterns. Can you continue the shape patterns? Consider the shapes and the colours. 


Maths Challenges 06.01.2021


Challenge 1 – Fractions

For your first challenge we are going to look at halves and quarters of shapes. Take a look at the power points to learn how we can do this.

Using paper and scissors cut out some shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle).

Can you fold these shapes in half? Can you draw the half line? Can you colour in half the shape?

Can you fold these shapes into quarters? Can you draw the quarter lines? Can you colour in a quarter of the shape?

Challenge 2 – Money

Your next challenge is to look at money. Have a look at as many different coins as you can. Talk about what the coins look like and their value.

If possible, have a bigger selection of coins and see if you can sort them into different piles (For example, all the 1p together or all the silver coins together etc.).  How many different ways can you sort them?

To consolidate play the coin reveal game and see what you can remember.

If you are feeling confident and want an extra challenge you can play the ‘Piggy Bank’ game.