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Spring term 2

Welcome back to a new term. This upload of work is for 2 weeks and each week is separated into new folders. Please continue to send us photos and examples of the wonderful work you are doing at home to [email protected]  or via the SeeSaw app. 

Week commencing 8.2.2021 - times tables and revision


Wow, we are almost at half term and I am sure we are all ready for a break. This week, in school, we would usually do some revision to ensure we have understood the concepts we have been learning. 

We are first going to focus on times tables.  Have a go at the times tables challenge (we usually do this one in class). Time yourself 90 seconds for each times table. When you have finished you will be able to see which times tables you need to practise.


There are lots of times tables activities to have a go at:

  • Websites where you can play times table games

  • Screen free ideas where you can make your own times tables games

  • Times tables worksheets you can print off or look at on screen (you can find these in the times tables icon on the Year 4 main page)


There are also some revision questions to have a go at on some of the things we have covered so far in year 4.

Week commencing 1.2.2021- Telling the time


This week we will be looking at telling the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 5 minutes then the nearest minute. We will look at converting time between analogue and digital and then look at 12 and 24 hour time. 


If you are finding it tricky, have a look in the alternative tab for maths where you can refresh your understanding of O'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past first. 

Week commencing 25.1.2021- Multiplication of larger numbers


This week we are learning to multiply and divide by 0 and 1, then multiply 2 and 3-digit numbers by a 1 digit number. To do this we will use the grid method of multiplication. This may be a different method to when your mums and dads learnt how to do it, but it is an important step before learning short multiplication later on. 


There are 3 videos to watch

1 - Mrs Eksteen explaining how to multiply and divide by 0 and 1

2 - a video explaining 2-digit by 1 digit multiplication

3 - a video explaining 3-digit by 1 digit multiplication

Multiplying and dividing by 1 and 0

Still image for this video

Week commencing 18.1.2021 Symmetry


This week we will be looking at symmetry. There are some excellent videos on the Oak National Academy website which I have uploaded for this weeks tasks and attached the worksheets to go with them. In the top left hand corner of the screen, there is a black arrow which, if you click on it, will navigate you to the video, quiz, etc


Enjoy symmetry this week and email us some work on [email protected]


Mrs Eksteen and Miss Wiseman

Task 1 Rounding to the nearest 10

Still image for this video

Task 2 Rounding to the nearest 100

Still image for this video

Task 3 Rounding to the nearest 1000

Still image for this video

If you would like extra activities do do the following links are very useful