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A huge well done with your continued efforts on TT Rock Stars! We did so well in the battle of the year groups competition. Certificates and Easter Eggs went to Thea, Oliver and  Maya S for being our most valuable players during the tournament. 

Keira, Oliver, Maya S, Abigail and Ella are all Rock Legends, which is utterly incredible. You all have lightning speed! We are very impressed!

We would like everyone to play for a few minutes each day to keep their times tables up to scratch!

Below are daily Soda Activities for the next two weeks. Everything is revision, so they shouldn't take you too long. They are designed to make sure you remember everything we have covered. 
In school this week we will be learning to identify and draw horizontal and vertical lines. Have a look at the PowerPoint below and then have a go at creating a piece of art using horizontal and vertical lines. We can't wait to see your creations!
Have a go at the mastery questions below that get you thinking about the horizontal and vertical lines in capital letters.

Now you have the hang of horizontal and vertical lines, have a look through the PowerPoint below a few times to understand what parallel and perpendicular lines are. Then have a go at the activities. 



Another huge well done for all of the maths work you are sending in. We continue to be so proud of everything you are doing at home. Tomorrow, a TT Rock Stars competition starts between years 3, 4, and 5, to see which year group can gain the most coins! The competition runs until the 10th February. Let's see if the mighty year 3 can win! Morrison's have kindly given us lots of Easter Eggs. These will go to children that impress us with their efforts! 

Well done shout outs for the past two weeks of TT Rock Stars go to: Ella, Keira, Taylor, Oskar, Abigail, Rosemary, Malwina and George. 

We would really like you to focus on being able to tell the time. This is such an important skill that can be a little tricky to master. Watch the clips below and look through the slides to help you get the hang of it. Once you feel comfortable, have a go at some of the sheets below. 
As well as reading the time on an analogue clock, you also need to be able to understand the 24-hour clock. It doesn't use a.m. or p.m. It runs from midnight to midnight and is divided into 24 hours, numbered from 0-24. Look through the slides below and then have a go at the activity sheets. 

A conversion sheet to help!

Activity sheets to have a go at!

Work through the PowerPoint below and try to answer the time questions. There are some challenge questions if you are feeling extra confident. Answers are revealed on each slide. Good luck and have fun timing yourself doing some of the activities. Tidying your bedroom might take a while!


Well done to all of you that have emailed in your marvellous maths work for us to look at. We are so pleased with everything you are doing at home. The daily SODA activities seem very popular, so below is another ten days of key skill revision tasks. Try to do one slide a day. We are also very pleased with the amount of children using TT Rock Stars. Special mentions need to go to Leah, Annabella, Joseph and Chloe in Mrs Evan's class and Rosemary, Abigail and Keira in Mrs Golby's and Mrs Cameron's class. You have all been practising your times tables! Keep it up and let's hope we can give even more shout outs next time!

The key worker children have been learning how to work out the perimeter of different  shapes in school. Take a look at the teaching slides below and have a go at working out the perimeter of different shapes.
In year 3 we need to learn how to write numbers to a thousand in digits and as words. The spellings needed to be able to do this are below, as well as a few activities to practise these skills.
Linked to our Ancient Egyptian Topic have a go at the missing number pyramid challenge below!
Hello Year 3. We hope you are safe and well. We would like you to have a go at the daily Soda (start of day activities) which revise everything we have covered so far this year in maths. Try and do a slide a day. Also, make sure you practise your times tables on TT Rock Stars. Just 10 minutes a day will make such a difference and you will all be rock legends before you know it! We will be giving shout outs to anyone that is performing particularly well. We have also included some data handling activities. Give it your best shot and amaze your parents with your fantastic maths skills!

Daily Soda activities

This week we were going to start looking at bar charts in school. They are very similar to pictograms that we covered in the autumn term. They always have a title and labelled axes. Take a look at the funny BBC Bitesize clip below to help you understand a little more about bar charts. Have a go at the activity sheets. One is a challenge sheet and a bit trickier. You can decide which one you have a go at. There is also a mastery sheet. If you enjoy bar graphs maybe you could draw your own! A graph to show the different toys you have in your house or a graph to show the different fruits in your fruit bowl. We would love to see some of these graphs. Don't forget to email them in to us. 
Watch the short, funny clip below as an introduction to bar charts.