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Hello Year 3. We hope you are safe and well. We would like you to have a go at the daily Soda (start of day activities) which revise everything we have covered so far this year in maths. Try and do a slide a day. Also, make sure you practise your times tables on TT Rock Stars. Just 10 minutes a day will make such a difference and you will all be rock legends before you know it! We will be giving shout outs to anyone that is performing particularly well. We have also included some data handling activities. Give it your best shot and amaze your parents with your fantastic maths skills!

Daily Soda activities

This week we were going to start looking at bar charts in school. They are very similar to pictograms that we covered in the autumn term. They always have a title and labelled axes. Take a look at the funny BBC Bitesize clip below to help you understand a little more about bar charts. Have a go at the activity sheets. One is a challenge sheet and a bit trickier. You can decide which one you have a go at. There is also a mastery sheet. If you enjoy bar graphs maybe you could draw your own! A graph to show the different toys you have in your house or a graph to show the different fruits in your fruit bowl. We would love to see some of these graphs. Don't forget to email them in to us. 
Watch the short, funny clip below as an introduction to bar charts.