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General Maths Resources

Please visit these sites regularly and have fun playing the games and keeping your math's skills fresh. 

Week 16

Work through the slides on this PowerPoint to brush up on some of the things we have covered in Year 3!

Make sure your column addition and subtraction work is neatly set out!

We hope you can remember how many days are in each month!

Week 14

We would like you to spend some time revising money! Make sure you know the value of all coins and notes. Have a go at some of the activities on the PowerPoint below and watch the links that we have added.

Week 9 Multiplication and Division Problems

Week 9 Time Revision

Week 7 Capacity

Week 7 Word Problems

Week 7 VE Day Challenge

Please take a look at our VE Day activity sheet which gives lots of fun ideas to keep brains active while having fun and learning lots about VE Day. One of the activities involves planning a party to a budget. This will use lots of your maths skills. Why not have a go?

Week 7 2D Shape Creativity

Week 5 Number Revision

Week 3 Easter Maths Revision

Week 2 Maths Revision