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Maths Revision

We will be regularly updating this page with Maths worksheets that will allow you to practise all of the skills that you have learnt so far in Maths this year. Use these sheets to practise what you already know and challenge yourself to remember everything you have learnt  in Year 5!

We do not expect you to print any of these sheets off- just use your computer / tablet as a screen and write your answers into your Maths book!

Some of the worksheets have 3 different levels of difficulty (you can see this from the number of stars on the page– 1 for the easiest and 3 for the most difficult). Treat these like a chilli challenge- choose your level of difficulty, but don’t hesitate to move up or down the levels if you’re finding the sheet you have chosen too easy or too hard!

The worksheets also have answers attached - use these to mark your own work once you have completed the questions. If you have made any mistakes, challenge yourself to work out where you went wrong and see if you can correct your answers.