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No More Marking

No More Marking is an online package that uses a Comparative Judgement approach for writing in Years 1 to 5.  It allows us to upload and assess our pupils’ writing, in 5 national judging windows, to get whole-school and nationally benchmarked data, which saves time and supports progression and intervention planning.


What is Comparative Judgement?

Comparative Judgement is an assessment technique which involves comparing a series of two pieces of writing side-by-side to establish a measurement scale. It offers the following benefits over traditional marking and moderation:

  • It is efficient: you can judge and moderate faster than you can standardise, mark and moderate
  • It is reliable and fair: comparisons are more precise than absolute judgements, and you can share judgements across teachers and schools
  • It is meaningful: you make holistic judgements about the quality of work to develop a shared understanding of what good looks like


No More Marking at St Richard's

Each year group (excluding EYFS) is allocated a month to carry out their task.

October 2018 - Year 3

November 2018 - Year 5

January 2019 - Year 1 and Year 4

March 2019 - Year 2


Once completed we receive a report of how well our year groups compare against other schools.


Please see our reports below.