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Hello Year 4


If you are off school and isolating, I've put together some activities for you to have a go at whilst you're at home. However, please, please only have a go if you are feeling well enough. 


There are activities in each of the files for English, Maths, Reading and other. You don't have to print any activities off if you don't want to, you can just look at them on the screen you're using and present your work on any paper you have or type it straight into a document and email it to me.  If you select a task that has different options for the worksheets, then you can select your level of challenge; like in class. * is the easiest, ** is more challenging, with *** being the most challenging. Select your level and, as always, you can always move up or down from the level you have chosen.

The answers are also included with most of the worksheets, so you can check how you've done afterwards. 


Please keep learning the Y3 and 4 statutory spellings too as we will do a test of these in January. I have attached them in the English section.


Please carry on with your amazing reading at home! Remember, you can read your own books from home or any reading material such as magazines, newspapers, comics etc. Please keep writing in your reading records and asking your parents to sign these regularly or  make a note of what you have read on some paper at home if you don't have your reading record. 


Once again, please only have a go at all these activities if you are feeling well enough.


Best wishes

Mrs Eksteen and Mrs Burman

[email protected]