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All of these learning opportunities were added while we were in lockdown, however they maybe useful to revisit with your child at anytime. Happy learning!

Craft and Creative Home Learning Week 7 (18.5)


*Move like minibeasts! This is a great way to get your children active and help them burn off some excess energy! You can do it outdoors or inside.  Challenge your child to:

  • lie on the ground and wriggle like a worm
  • flap their arms like a butterfly fluttering its wings
  • put their hands on the floor and scuttle about like a spider
  • do some giant leaps like a cricket
  • crawl on the floor then curl up into a ball like a woodlouse.


*Make a beautiful butterfly. All you need is paint and some paper. Simply splodge paint on one half of your paper and fold it in half so the paint spreads on both sides. Carefully open it up to reveal a beautiful butterfly. It's a great way to teach your child about butterflies and how their wings are symmetrical. Once dry, your butterfly will make a cheerful decoration for your home. Or you could even turn it into a card to send to a grandparent you won't see for a while.


Craft and Creative Home Learning Week 5 and Week 6 (4.5 and 11.5)


*Spread the happiness and strengthen your children's fingers at the same time with these fun activities!

* Get out and about in the lovely sunshine and see if you can find all of the things on this fun nature hunt for all of the family! 

*Try setting up your own pretend shop/ restaurant/ classroom/ hair salon together. Role-play and act out different scenarios with your child.

*Make a collage with natural resources that you find in the garden e.g. leaves / sticks.

*Make a bird feeder for your garden! All you need is a loo roll tube, some peanut butter, a little bit of seed and some string.

Step 1: Smother a cardboard tube in peanut butter (no added salt and sugar versions are suitable for birds).

Step 2: Roll it in bird seed and thread some string through the hole.

Step 3: Tie it up in your garden where birds will feel safe eating.

How many garden birds can you spot? We hope you see lots!


Craft and Creative Home Learning Week 3 and Week 4 (20.4 and 27.4)


*Make a junk model. You could use cardboard boxes or any other materials you can find. Perhaps your child could even make a musical instrument out of the junk?

* Encourage your child to sing their favourite song and listen to music. Can they try and clap the beat and rhythm?

* Have a picnic in your garden! Make the most of the sunshine and have your lunch whilst enjoying some fresh air. Maybe your child could invite their teddies along.


Craft and Creative Home Learning Week 1 and Week 2 (23.3 and 30.3)


*Try to make a picture using a variety of different materials. For example, you could collage a picture using wool, tin foil or coloured paper. You could encourage your child to paint something and mix their own colours?

*Build a den using large sheets of fabric. Can your child find anything that glows in the dark?

*Go on a minibeast hunt. Spring has sprung and the warm weather will bring lots of creepy crawlies out. What a super opportunity to get out in the fresh air and take a closer look at your garden. You'll soon notice it's teeming with wildlife! We challenge you to find:

  • a bumblebee looking for nectar
  • a worm after a spring shower
  • a spotty ladybird exploring the grass
  • a slimy snail in a dark, damp spot
  • a butterfly basking in the sunshine

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