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Craft and Creative Home Learning Week 1 and Week 2


*Try to make a picture using a variety of different materials. For example, you could collage a picture using wool, tin foil or coloured paper. You could encourage your child to paint something and mix their own colours?

*Build a den using large sheets of fabric. Can your child find anything that glows in the dark?

*Go on a minibeast hunt. Spring has sprung and the warm weather will bring lots of creepy crawlies out. What a super opportunity to get out in the fresh air and take a closer look at your garden. You'll soon notice it's teeming with wildlife! We challenge you to find:

  • a bumblebee looking for nectar
  • a worm after a spring shower
  • a spotty ladybird exploring the grass
  • a slimy snail in a dark, damp spot
  • a butterfly basking in the sunshine

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