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Week 3 Revision and Quiz

Brush up on your general knowledge and have fun with our quizzes. Lots of these things you have learned before and it's fun finding out the things you don't know. Try them again and again to see if you can beat your score. Challenge other members of your family at home or during video calls. Parents the answers are included and flash up when you put the power points into slide show. 

Geography Topic - Earthquakes and Volcanoes

We've included some fun activities - a word search, a cross word and a paper model to make. We will add more in the coming weeks. 

Please take some time to have fun. 

Should you wish to do more, feel free to research Volcanoes - where they are located, how they are formed, the worlds most dangerous volcanoes, fun facts about them etc. 

We were enjoying reading the 'Firework Makers Daughter' as a class text. If you can manage to get your hands on a copy, we're sure the children would enjoy finding out what happens in the story. 

Mindfulness Colouring - take some time to relax and enjoy peaceful, quiet time (maybe... hopefully!)