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Use these online quizzes and games to challenge yourself and other members of your family while having fun! 

Week 16

Week 15


Week 14
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Week 9 - Fun Science Activities to try at home

Week 9 - Topic Revision

Week 7 - French Revision

Use this power point to revise your knowledge of colours and numbers. The final slide asks you to find out some fun facts about France to brush up on your cultural and geographical knowledge, but don't worry we have included the answers. 

Week 7 - Butterfly Fun

Mrs Cameron and her girls have loved butterfly spotting on their daily walks, so we've included some information about them in this power point to help you spot some beauties in your garden and local area.

Week 5 - St Georges Day

Use the power point to find out more about the real story of St George. We've also included some fun activities to enjoy. 

Week 5 - Topic Knowledge Refresher

Have a go at this little quiz. What have you remembered from our topics? Keep challenging yourself and your family to see if you can beat your score and keep this knowledge locked in your mind. Parents, we've included the answers on the second slide for each day, so no googling required. The children have learned the answers to all of these things in school, although some of them they learned as far back as September so may need a little prompting. Feel free to keep revisiting the quiz during your time at home for a little family fun. 

Week 5 - Green Fingered Activity

Follow these steps to try to plant and grow some of your own food in your garden using scraps from the kitchen.

Week 5 - Get creative with poetry

Kennings are a really fun and easy way to get creative with words. Choose some things around your home or garden and follow the steps and examples on the power point to write a Kenning about them. Can your family guess what you're writing about? 

Week 3 Revision and Quiz

Brush up on your general knowledge and have fun with our quizzes. Lots of these things you have learned before and it's fun finding out the things you don't know. Try them again and again to see if you can beat your score. Challenge other members of your family at home or during video calls. Parents, the answers are included and flash up when you put the power points into slide show. 

Geography Topic - Earthquakes and Volcanoes

We've included some fun activities - a word search, a cross word and a paper model to make. We will add more in the coming weeks. 

Please take some time to have fun. 

Should you wish to do more, feel free to research Volcanoes - where they are located, how they are formed, the worlds most dangerous volcanoes, fun facts about them etc. 

We were enjoying reading the 'Firework Makers Daughter' as a class text. If you can manage to get your hands on a copy, we're sure the children would enjoy finding out what happens in the story. 

Mindfulness Colouring - take some time to relax and enjoy peaceful, quiet time (maybe... hopefully!)