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Theme - Summer
Have a go at these lovely, Summer themed crafts. The instructions are below...

Summer Nature Walks

What do you see when you are out on your walks? Can you spot the following flowers?

Theme - Materials

Music - Sing along!


Science - Labels

Did you know that your clothing labels tell you what your clothes are made from? Can you predict which materials your clothes are made from? Make your predictions and check the labels to see if you're correct. Maybe you could even help sort out the washing when you are checking the labels!


Geography - Climates and clothes

Which materials are the best to wear in different climates? Would people be wearing cotton tops in Antarctica right now? Select a few different countries, find out what the weather is like there right now and design an outfit appropriate for each destination. Label your outfits with the materials that you might use. Would you wear a woolly hat outside at the moment?

DT - A new version of 'The Three Little Pigs'

Build three different houses/structures out of different materials (lego, cereals, ice cubes, plastic cups etc ) and be the big, bad wolf, or a big, bad rain cloud. Which materials worked the best to keep the pigs safe? Why? Is there anything you could do to make them stronger?

Theme - Heroes (29.6.20)

PE - Superhero training

Train to be an awesome superhero by doing some of these activities.

RE - Jesus feeds the 5000

Have you ever been so engrossed in something that you forgot to eat your lunch? This is what happened when 5000 people were listening to Jesus' stories. Luckily, Jesus was able to help them out. Click on the following picture to listen to the story. He was a hero!


History - Real life heroes

We would like you to take some time to think about one of our heroes of today - Sir Captain Tom Moore. As many of you will know, Sir Captain Tom Moore completed 100 laps of his garden to raise over an amazing £32 million for the NHS! What a fantastic achievement! He achieved this just before his 100th birthday. You have 2 tasks that you can choose to complete:

1. Research Captain Tom Moore's life.

2. Find out about exciting events that have taken place in history over the past 100 years.

You can present your findings in whichever way you wish. It could be a fact file, poster, or a timeline.

Remember to search the internet safely.


Science - Super experiments

Have a go at the following experiments. Make sure you have an adult with you when you are doing them. We hope you enjoy them!

Theme - Knights and Castles (22.6.20)

History/Computing - Castles

Use this link to learn about castles:

Use this link to learn about the different parts of a castle:

Learn all about Warwick Castle by visiting their website using this link. There are lots of short video clips telling you about the history of the castle followed by quizzes for you to test your knowledge!

Art- Design a shield

Draw a shield outline and then design your own coat of arms to decorate it. there are shield templates to help you on Twinkl if you need them.

DT - Design a castle

Design and build your own castle using either wooden blocks, lego, or empty food boxes and tubes. Will it have turrets, a moat and a draw bridge? Can you add labels to it?


PSHEC - My home is my castle

There is a very famous phrase that says 'An Englishman's home is his castle.' Where is your favourite place at home? Is it in the garden, in your bedroom, or the lounge? Go to your favourite place and make yourself comfortable. Sit, or lie as still as possible and close your eyes. Take three, long, slow and deep breaths in and out. Notice how calm this makes your body and mind feel. Stay quiet and still and keep your eyes closed for a few moments.

Now that you feel calm, have a go at this 'Cosmic Yoga' session - Cracker the dragon of wonder.


Theme - Dinosaurs (15.6.20)

History - Natural History Museum

Take a virtual tour around the Natural History Museum:


You can find out all about when dinosaurs lived and when fossils are formed. You could even explore Dippy the Dinosaur's skull in 3D!

Art - Silhouette pictures

A silhouette is an image created by an artist who uses paint, or cuts paper to create a picture. Create a dinosaur silhouette artwork using a media of your choice e.g. paint, colouring pencil, crayons, pastels etc.

DT - 3D dinosaur sculptures

Make a 3D dinosaur sculpture out of junk modelling boxes (egg boxes are great!) You could keep adding to it throughout the week - painting your basic shape, adding patterns and details etc.

Have a look at these pictures for inspiration...

Science - Volcanoes


Some scientists believe that a huge volcanic eruption may have led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Follow this link to find out more about volcanoes!

PSHEC - Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

Listen to the story 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs' by Ian Whybrow.

Discuss how Harry felt when he left his dinosaurs on the train. Have you ever lost something that was very special to you? How did you feel? What helped you feel better? What did you do to try and find it? Were you successful?


Now, relax and colour some of your favourite dinosaurs.

Listen to this whilst you colour...


Theme - Under the sea (8.6.20)

Art  - Under the sea scene

Can you make an underwater scene with any materials you have at home? You could paint it, use felt tips, crayons, or collage it. Add any scraps and different papers, or materials you have. Have fun!

History - Submarines

Watch this clip to find out about submarines.


Can you find out who invented the first submarine and when? Perhaps you could make a fact file, or poster to show what you have found out about submarines.

When you have finished, listen to this famous song by the Beatles. I bet after watching it, you will be able to join in with the words!

Science  - Floating and sinking

With an adult, find things in your house that are suitable to go in a bowl of water. Fill the bowl with water. Make a prediction (good guess) about which objects will float and which will sink. Add each object to the water and observe what happens. Were your predictions correct?

Work through this power point to see if you can make a pin float. Remember to work with adult supervision.

Geography - Oceans of the world revision



Can you name the 5 oceans of the world? This power point might be a good starting point if you have forgotten!

BBC bitesize has a nice clip to show information in a little more detail about the oceans.

PSHEC/Music - Under the sea sing along!

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Theme - Animals (1.6.20)
Science - shadows

Did you know that a shadow is formed by the absence of light?

Learn more about this whilst watching this video.


How about exploring this yourself in a dark room with a torch? Watch this clip to see all the different animal silhouettes that you can make just using your hands.


How many can you make and can a family member guess what animal your shadow is trying to create? How many can they guess right?



PE - Animal Fun


Do each exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for two minutes.



Frog jumps –squat down with hands between your feet and jump

up high – just like a frog.


Kangaroo jumps – start with your feet together and jump high like

a kangaroo. Keep your arms tucked in.


Snake drop – start in the plank position (bit like a press up

position) Hold still for 10 seconds, then lower yourself to floor – lie

flat and still for 10 and then push back up. Repeat.


Monkey swing – start with your feet together. Leap to the one side

then return to your start position. Leap to the other side and

return. Use your arms – swing them out and back.


Leopard sprint – run on the spot as fast as you can. Remember

leopards are the fastest runners –can you go as fast as a leopard?

Repeat and have fun!


Easier way: Have a 30 second rest in between each exercise

Harder way: Do each exercise for a minute with less rest in between.

Geography - animal flags

How many flags have pictures of animals on them?

Find as many as you can and have a go at drawing them (some are tricky, so try your best and use the correct colours)

When you have done this, see if you can locate the country and continent that the flag belongs to on a map.


PSHEC - Edinburgh Zoo


If you fancy a brain break, use this link to watch a live stream of different animals at Edinburgh Zoo. There is a panda, tiger and koala cam.


Watch the animal movements carefully. Can you see them eating, or playing with friends? Now , close your eyes and imagine you are this animal it its habitat. How do you feel?


Science - Trees and Flowers

Now that Spring is well underway and we are moving towards the Summer months, you should be able to see lots of trees and flowers when you are out and about. Following on from our learning about the parts of a plant, we would like you to see if you could spot these parts in the plants that you see around. 

You might want to create a 'mood board' of lots of things you find e.g. leaves that have fallen off trees, bark rubbings, photos, drawings of flowers etc. How many different trees and flowers can you spot on one walk?

You could also use the sheets below to inspire your scientific thinking. Happy plant hunting!! 

Music - Favourite Songs

What is your favourite song?


Learn all the words to your favourite song and perform the song to someone or something. It could be a grown up, brother, sister, cat or garden fence!


Ask your grown ups about songs they used to sing when they were little and learn one of their songs.


Miss MacLeod's favourite was 'The Hippopotamus Song' 


What was it like when you were 6/7?

Have a think about what things are like for you now at your age. What toys do you have? Where do you like going? What food do you like to eat? 

Now ask a parent or carer what it was like for them when they were your age. See if they can answer the same questions as you and compare them.

Bonus task: As someone older than your parent/carer e.g. a grandma or grandad and see what it was like for them when they were your age. (You might need to get a grown up to help you phone someone older to make sure to keep a safe distance!) 


Think about what is the same and what is different! We hope you have fun finding out about being 6/7 at different times.


Science - parts of a plant

Check out this link to BBC bitesize all about parts of plant:


See if you can complete the quiz and answer the questions using what you have learnt from the video.


Extension task: 

Next time you or your parent is at the supermarket, see if you can find some seeds (either flowers, beans or vegetables). Plant them in a clear glass or chop the top off a plastic bottle. When you plant your seed, see if you can remember what a plant needs to be healthy and grow strong! As your seed grows, you may be able to spot the different parts of the plant above and below soil. You may also want to complete a seed/plant diary to document any changes and growth! Happy growing! 

Geography - Food From Around the World!


Have a look at the food in your cupboards and your fridge.


Where in the world do they come from?


Using a map, atlas or Google maps, find the country they came from and tell someone which continent you think that country is in.


Is it Europe, Antartica, Africa, Asia, North America, South America or Australasia?

Art - Quentin Blake


This half term our topic is Awesome Authors. Most of the stories that we know and love have the most amazing illustrations or pictures to help bring the stories to life! One very famous illustrator is Quentin Blake. He illustrates for the author Roald Dahl. Do you recognise his pictures below?


We would like you to have a go at creating your own illustrations. Maybe you could use a story you have written in a previous learning task and bring it to life with pictures. Or you could illustrate a story you already know. Try and have a go at illustrating in the style of Quentin Blake using paints or colouring pencils. Look carefully at the style and features he uses in his work and try your best to be inspired by him! 


Also check out the school Facebook page for a whole school art task!

RE - Creation Stories

Below is some pictures of creation stories from all over the world. 

How do you think the world was created?

Challenge - What story do you think these pictures are telling?

RE - Spirited Arts Competition

This is a competition that you can enter from home and there is a chance that you can win a prize! Read the information below to find out all about it. 

PSHCE  - We are special

What is special about me?

Create a poster to tell the people in your house why you think you are really special and what makes you an amazing person?


Choose someone in you family (maybe someone you haven't seen in a while) and make them a poster to tell them why you think they are amazing and what makes them special to you. Make sure you give or send it to them. smiley