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Year 5 Self Isolation - December 2020

Your Amazing Work!

Hello Year 5,


I have had lots of lovely emails from your parents to let me know that you've been very busy completing some of the activities I have given you; well done!


Take a look below to see if you can spot any of your fabulous work. 


Miss Vaux smiley



Hello Year 5,


Well, what a strange end to a very strange year!


I've put together some activities for you to have a go at whilst you're at home. Please have a go at 'The Christmas Truce' art work first, followed by 'The Christmas Truce' writing activity. You'll need to do the lessons in that order so that you understand them both! I'd also like you to have a go at the 'hot task' we would have been doing for topic. After that, feel free to pick and choose the activities that interest you.

Please make sure that you do a little bit of work over the next week or so to keep your brilliant brains ticking over until we meet again in January.


You don't have to print any activities off if you don't want to, you can just look at them on the screen you're using and present your work on any paper you have. If you select a task that has different options for the worksheets, then you can select your level of challenge; a bit like a chilli challenge! * is the easiest, ** is more challenging, with *** being the most challenging. Select your level and, as always, you can always move up or down from the level you have chosen.

The answers are also included with most of the worksheets, so you can check how you've done afterwards. 


Please keep learning the Y5 statutory spellings too as we will do a test of these in January.


Please, please, please carry on with your amazing reading at home! Remember, you can read books on Reading Planet (ask your parents to email me at [email protected] if you need some more added to your account!) or your own books from home. Please keep writing in your reading records and asking your parents to sign these regularly. I know some of you left your reading records here at school, so if you did, don't worry, you can make a note of what you have read on some paper at home.


As well as this, keep rocking out on TTRockstars! Let's have some Rock Champions when we return to school in January!


Next week, we would have been making Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, calendars and some other bits and bobs, so please use this time to get crafty using anything you have at home! As well as this, we would have watched 'How to Train Your Dragon' to finish off our topic on the Vikings and a few Christmas films too! Please make sure that you spend some time enjoying a festive film or two, maybe with some snacks or curling up under a blanket with a hot chocolate, if you're lucky! 


I am so proud of how hard you have all worked this term and it makes me really sad that we can't spend one of the best times of the year together. However, I know that you are strong, resilient children who will take this in your stride and come back to school eager to learn in January! 


I will miss you all lots, school is already very quiet without you!


I hope that you and your families have a fabulous, restful Christmas. 


Stay safe!


Miss Vaux smiley