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Use the links below to practise saying the sounds as fast as you can. Can you get faster and faster?

When you're feeling confident, have a go at reading the sounds and the matching sentences in the book (the third link).

Remember to keep practising your phonics a little bit everyday, even just for 10 minutes, and keep using the resources below from last week too. Repetition is the key to learning your phonics. Check out the year 1 pages too if you'd like even more phonics fun. 

Phase 3

All of the children have been working extremely hard on their phonics with Miss Spencer. They now know all of the phase 3 phonics sounds with confidence, however it is always important to repeat these every session as repetition is key for embedding the information we already know!

Before every session, whizz through the phase 3 sounds, by either writing them individually onto small bits of paper or printing them out, and use these as flashcards. The children will impress you with their speed at which they can recognise the sounds!

Then you can practise reading the words on the cards (phase 3 sound button word cards).


Phase 5

Many of the children had moved on to Phase 5 before Christmas.

The Phase 5 sounds are shown on the sound mat below and each picture corresponds to the sound. The children have been taught most of the Phase 5 sounds and so may be able to remember quite a few.

Using the same flashcard technique as in Phase 3, see how many sounds your child can get correct within a time frame. During phonics lessons at school I might set the timer on my watch and then see how many sounds they can successfully identify in a minute! This turns it into a fun game and children love the competition.

Another way of practicing your sounds, is by putting on some music and when the music stops the child has to tell you which sound you are holding up. This is also a great way to develop any listening and attention skills.

Your child might also be able to tell you another way that we can write the sound, for example the ‘ai’ grapheme taught in phase 3 is pronounced the same as the graphemes ‘ay’ and ‘ae’ and ‘a_e’ that are all taught in phase 5. When playing a phonics game with your child, ask them “is there any other way we can write the sound …..?” This skill is really good for developing their spelling and therefore their writing.

There are phase 4 and phase 5 word cards and sound mats provided below. Again flash the word in front of your child and see how quickly they can read it. They will need to use their knowledge of the phase 4 and 5 sounds and the skill of segmenting and blending to read the words correctly.