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Phonics 20.01.2021


Helpful Information 

Phonics Play have kindly provided free access during this lockdown. This website has lots of games and tips, which the children use very regularly at school to help support their Phonics. Below is the Username and Password you will need. 

Username: jan21 

Password: home 


Phonics Challenge

This fortnight we would like to children to look at our new sounds (ay, ou, ie, ea) and tricky words (oh, their, people). 

We have included ‘Mr T Phonics’ videos below which will help to introduce the sound to the children. Afterwards the children can practice writing the sound on its own, writing it within a word and then putting it in a sentence. To finish off you can choose a game from Phonics Play to consolidate the learning of that sound. 





The new Tricky Words can be introduced via flashcards and these must be learnt from memory. The children can first learn to read them and then learn to spell them. 

Once taught initially you can repeat some of the activities/games to reinforce their learning.  

If you are finding these new sounds a little tricky, you can recap our Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds. You can do this by playing games on Phonics Play and looking at the Sound Mats provided last time. You can also have a look at the Reception Home Learning Page if you so wish. 

Phonics 06.01.2021


We would like the children to continue with their fantastic phonics work. To begin with have a look through the Phase 2/3 sounds and the tricky words and revise what the children have already learnt. If you point to a sound/word can they say it? Can they practice writing this down?

Before Christmas we began to look at Split Diagraphs. Below are some fun videos that you can watch to remind you. After you have watched them you can practice writing them within words and maybe even putting in within a sentence.







Phonics Resources


If you need any more resources for Phonics then please look back at the main 'Home Learning Activity' page where there are lots of links to games, websites and songs.