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Shop Project

This weeks project is to create your own shop at home. Have a look below for some ideas of activities you could do to make your own shop. It could be a toy shop, a food shop or maybe a different kind of shop!


Can you make a poster to get people to come to your shop?

So that people come and spend money at your shop you will have to get them to know how amazing it is. On your poster you might want to include the name of your shop, some pictures of some of the things you are selling, some of your amazing prices, why you're the best shop and maybe even a catch phrase like real shops and supermarkets have. 

Can you choose some items to sell in your shop? 

All good shops need lots of exciting things to buy. Think about how much they will cost so that people will buy them. If they're too expensive your customers might not want to buy them, if they're too cheap then you won't make any money! You might want to label your items to show how much they cost or make a list of prices. Don't forget your £ and p signs to show how much it costs. 

Can you get someone to buy from your shop?

See if you can get someone at home to come and spend some money at your shop! Make sure you check that they are giving you the right amount of money when they pay! Do you need to give them any change? Can you set them a challenge to see how many different ways they could spend their money? 

Can you have a sale in your shop? 

What would happen if all your items in your shop were half price? Can you find half of your prices and show that there is a sale on? Can you find half of all your prices or are some prices not able to be halved?