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Can you design and make a boat that floats?

Task 1

First, you need to design your boat. What is it going to look like? How large, or small will it be? What materials are you going to use? Why have you chosen them? How are you going to make it float?

Watch the following BBC Bitesize videos to remind you about the uses and properties of different materials.

Use the design sheet below to help you create your design. You can choose from 3 different versions. Can you label it once you’ve drawn it? E.g label the parts of the boat and the materials you have chosen to use. Can you explain why you have chosen those materials? E.g I’ve chosen paper because it it light and easy to fold. 

Task 2

Now it’s time to make you boat. Make sure you have an adult with you when you are making it. Take your time and make sure you’re happy with it.

Task 3

Now it’s time to test out your boat in water. Does it float? Was you design successful? Why/Why not?

Task 4

Now it’s time to evaluate your boat. What were you happy with? Did you choose a good material/design? If you made your boat again, would you do anything different? Would you change the design? Would you change the materials that you used?



Don’t forget to send us some lovely pictures of your boat designs and you testing them in water!