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Pet Project

This week we are introducing weekly projects. These are additional activities that run alongside the home learning but aren't necessarily linked to our topic and are more of a project than a one off activity. 

This week our project is to create a pack of work based on an imaginary pet. This pet might be a normal pet animal like a dog or a cat, it might be an animal from somewhere else in the world like a penguin or a lion, or it might even be an animal that is from the past or from fairy tales like a dinosaur or a unicorn!


Have a look below for some ideas for activities that you could complete based on your imaginary pet!

Can you write a non-fiction report about your pet?

Using what you have learnt from writing a non-fiction report about polar bears last week, can you write a report with lots of facts about your pet. You might have to do some research into where they live/lived, what they eat/ate and what they look like/looked like. If your pet is a fairy tale creature, you might have to use your imagination! 

Don't forget you will need a title, subtitles, a picture with captions and lots of interesting facts sorted into paragraphs.

Can you write instructions on how to care for your pet?

This week in writing we are learning how to write instructions. Once  you have a good idea on how to write instructions, you might want to have a go at writing some care instructions for your pet. You might want to include what you will need to look after it, any warnings that might come with your pet and step by step instructions on how to keep them happy and looked after. 

Can you make a habitat for your pet?

Using what you know about habitats and what you have found out about how to care for your pet, can you make a habitat for it? You might draw a picture of the habitat with labels and captions. You might make a model of the habitat like the ones below. Or you might do something else! Make sure to think about how your pet will stay happy and healthy and what it might need.

Can you write a story about an adventure you and your pet might go on?

Get your imaginations ready to write your own amazing story about you and your pet. What will you do? Where will you go? What will happen? Will it be a happy ending? 

Think about stories we have read before like Oliver Jeffers 'The Way Back Home' and 'Lost and Found' and think about the adventures they go on with their animal and alien companions. Can you write a story about you and your pet? 

Don't forget to use the clever writer checklist from week one and think about the beginning, middle and end of your story. Remember, in your own story anything can happen! So let your imaginations run wild!