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We’ve put together some yoga and mindfulness activities for you to have a go at; you could try some of these as a little ‘brain break’ when you’re completing your other home learning or just when you feel like you need to chill out and relax! 


Remember, doing things that make your body and mind happy are just as important as completing your other home learning activities. Take some time to have a think about what helps you to feel calm and to unwind. 


Cosmic Kids Yoga – this YouTube channel has some great yoga sessions. Some of these are more suited to younger children but have a good look because there are some great sessions that are slightly longer and link to a story, like Star Wars or Harry Potter. You could even try some of the videos with other people in your house!

BBC Bitesize games – these games are a great way of relaxing and having fun, whilst also keeping your brain ticking over with some learning too! These are aimed at all primary school children, so find the ones that best suit you.
Brain Break Breathing – here are some brilliant breathing exercises that you can do to help calm your body and mind!
Mindfulness Monster Activities – there are lots of great activities included in this pack. Some of them are really quick and great if you feel like you just need a few minutes of ‘time out’ to break up whatever you’re doing. Others are slightly longer and activities you might like to do with your family. Have a look and see if any of them interest you!