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Please see the 'Open The Book' section of our 'Home Learning Activities' (it's below the year group circles).


Watch the story from the Bible being told and acted out, then complete the short activity and prayer above it. 


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Lesson 1

To understand what The Bible is.

If you have a bible at home you might want to have a look at how it is set out. What do you notice about it?

Go through the What is the Bible powerpoint to find out more.


Many Christians keep their bible in a case, or special cover. These come in all materials and  colours and often reflect their own personality or taste. Some people even make their own.


Design a book cover that you would use to cover a Bible or other book that is sacred to you, Choose colours and patterns that reflect you.

Lesson 2

The Story of Noah

Use the powerpoint and script to look at one of the many bible stories – The story of Noah. You can also watch a cartoon version at Noah's Ark Bible Story For Kids - ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Movie )

The Bible's True Story - Bing video


Ask yourself these questions:-
  • Why do you think God chose Noah?
  • What qualities did he have that made him the right man for God to choose? (He was faithful to god when everyone around was not)
  • How did Noah show God that he was the right man for the job? (He was obedient to what God asked him to do)

God didn’t just ask Noah to do something he made a covenant (promise) with him. The promise was that he and his family would be safe. He used a rainbow as a sign of his promise.


Draw a large image of the outline of a man underneath an outline of a rainbow. Now write words that you can think of to describe Noah inside the man. Eg, trusting.

Colour your rainbow, adding a promise that you could make in each section.