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Week 1 - 2

Please make sure you are reading every single day. We would like you to read the books we have assigned for you on Reading Planet, taking the quizzes for the books too. Please ask your adults at home to email us at [email protected] if you need more books adding to your account or if you have misplaced your log in details. You can also read books you have at home too! Happy reading smiley


We would also like you to have a go at this lesson all about reading books for pleasure (click here!) which, in our opinion, is one of the BEST things to do! Losing yourself in a good piece of writing can engage you, inspire you and be great fun! As we always say, reading is a skill you will need for your entire life, so it's really important that you find things to read that interest you. Remember, you are unique, so find something that you really love - it could be comic books, information about your favourite sports team, online articles about what is happening in the world today (Newsround on CBBC is fantastic for this!) or a story book. The world is your oyster! Miss Vaux is currently reading the Harry Potter series again from the very beginning, we would LOVE to hear what you're reading, so give us an email and let us know! smiley