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This week we have included some fun reading activities below like the ones we would complete in class. They are based on a wonderful book set in Egypt called 'Egyptian Cinderella' - we think you will love it!


As always try to read, like you usually would, for at least 10 minutes each day. We have added more books to your Reading Planet account, but you can read whatever interests you - it all counts towards your 10 minutes per day and remember to record what you're reading in your reading record. Big shout out to Ance and Evie in 3GC who have earned 10 gold stars or more on their reading planet accounts for completing so many quizzes and to Maya S for sending us a photo of her reading record showing lots of reading going on at home! Keep it up, we can't wait to see more! 


Keeping up with current affairs is really important and can help you understand some of the themes you find in books. If you need a brain break, why not click the link below and then the 'Watch Newsround' button to watch a daily Newsround clip? Or, if you want to make it one of your reads, why not read one of their articles. 


Activity 1

Look at the front cover and the title of our story. Talk to an adult about what you think the story might be about.

Read the story of Egyptian Cinderella using the link below. Stop at the part where the eagle drops the shoe in the Pharaoh’s lap. Now predict what you think might happen in the rest of the story.

Now enjoy the rest of the story.

Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo

Activities 2-4

Read the extract from the story, then have a go at the comprehensions below. Use the answers on the second page of the word document to check your understanding.

Activity 5

Find a book at home and look at the blurb on the back. Remember a blurb summarises what the book is about. Someone might read it before reading the book to decide if it is something they would enjoy reading. Now have a go at writing a short blurb of your own for Egyptian Cinderella. Look at the example to help you.

6.1.21 - Poems and Comprehensions

Have a go at reading these lovely winter poems and answering the questions. 

You can choose whether to have a go at the easier, trickier or extra comprehensions.

Parents, we have included the answers on the page below the questions to help.