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World Book day Live (recorded) workshops

World Book Day


On Thursday 4th march, it is one of our favourite days of the year... World Book Day!


We love to hear all about your favourite books and see you all dressed up as your favourite book characters  and this year, we don't want to miss out.


Your Book Day Challenge send us a photograph of you reading.

You could:

Dress up as your favourite character.

Be reading in an interesting place (at home)

Read in an interesting position (is it possible to read upside down?)

Read to a family member or pet (cats love books too!)



Write a book review of your favourite book or poem. It can be fiction, non-fiction or poetry. You can use the book review template or create your own.

Design a title and a cover for the book that you will write when you are a famous author. 

Look online at top books for children and choose 3 books that you would like to read this year. 

Set your self a reading challenge - it might be to read more poetry, to read one more time each week or to read your sister or brother. 

What's New in Reading


As well as regular reading just for fun, it's also great to have a go at answering questions about what you've read. Below, you will find lots of fun reading activities with questions and activities.


Don't forget to keep using Reading Planet or collect a home reading book from the outside classroom at school (available every Wednesday). Note down what you've read in your home reading journal and we will be ready with stickers and reading bugs for all our wonderful readers when you return to school. 


You will also see a link to the fabulously funny book 'Charlie Changes into a Chicken' being read for you. Follow the link and the whole book is read in chapters - I think you will love it!

Puffin Storytime | Charlie Changes into a Chicken | Chapters 1-3

Sam Copeland reads chapters 1-3 of the hilarious Charlie Changes into a chicken. A belly-busting read-along for ages 7+ in this new serialisation. Meet Charl...

What's New

At school, we usually read a fantastic chapter book in the classroom, just for the fun and joy of sharing a story together and listening to someone else read it.

We are missing reading these stories and I'm sure you are missing hearing them... so... we've a fantastic book for you to listen to and it's being read by its author, Cressida Cowell.

Our Class Reading Book is... How to Train Your Dragon.

Follow the link below to find Cressida Cowell reading the book chapter by chapter. Enjoy!

Week commencing 1/2/2021 and 7/2/2021 Brown Reading Comprehension

Week commencing 1/2/2021 and 7/2/2021 Grey Reading Comprehension

Well done to everyone who has continued to read at home. We have added more books to your Reading Planet account, but you can read whatever interests you - it all counts towards your 10 minutes per day  Remember to record what you're reading in your reading record.


A big well done to :

Jess J, Amelia, Callum, Jacob, Noomi, Colbi, Pamela, Ryan and Tyler  from 4LE and


Alfred, Blake, Harry T, Isaac, Khloe, Liberty, Marcel So, Milton, Scarlett, and Viktoria from 4KW


who have all logged in and read booked over the past few weeks. 


Keep it up, we can't wait to see more gold, silver and bronze stars being earned!



Mrs Eksteen’s class


Red and Orange group - choose grey book option

Green and Blue group - choose brown book option

Week Commencing 25.1.2021 Grey Reading Comprehension

Week commencing 25.1.2021 Brown Reading Comprehension

Week commencing 18.1.2021 Brown Book Reading Comprehension

Week commencing 18.1.2021 Grey Book Reading Comprehension