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Read to us!

Thank you for sharing some of your wonderful reading videos with us. If you haven't, we would love to hear you reading something at home to see how you are getting on. It might be a school book, it might be an online book, or a book of your choice! We would love you to send us a video or recording of you reading so that we can make sure everyone is getting the right colour books for their ability. You can send us a recording on  Seesaw or by the year 2 email. We can't wait to hear you!


Polar animal fact files - choose one, or two of the animal fact files below

Can you write down 8 facts you know after reading about your animal that you didn't know before?

For example:

I now know that Arctic hares can run up to 40 miles per hour.

Monday - Polar Regions


Tuesday - aw phonics
Wednesday - Speed Read