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Summer term week commencing 13.7.20


As the weather warms up and sports have resumed, we have missed out on Wimbledon this year, so here is an extract from a live Wimbledon report from a few years ago (you could even have some strawberries and cream whilst reading).

The second reading this week is all about Vinnie and his dislike of vegetables!

Reading Poetry comprehension activities

Happy Sunday Year 4. It seems such a long time since we have seen you all and we hope that you are having fun with your families as well as enjoying the work that we put on the website each week.


This weeks theme in English and Reading is exploring. Your reading comprehension is all about exploring beneath the oceans. If you want the most challenging reading, look for the 3 stars.


Have fun and keep up the good work. 

Week 12 Reading Comprehension

week 11 Comic reading comprehension

Ciao Year 4 smiley. Our theme this week is the ocean. You will find some exciting ocean themed writing tasks in English and here we have some reading comprehension about coasts, seas and oceans. 


1 star reading tasks are slightly easier, 2 star is more challenging and 3 star is the most challenging. 


Enjoy the activities and I hope I will see you all soon. 

 Здравейте Zdraveita Year 4, I hope you're all well. This week we are having an animal themed week (check out the English and Other sections of our Year 4 pages). For your reading tasks, I have posted comprehension questions that are all about animals. You don't have to do them all (although you can if you enjoy them!), they are for you to choose which animal subject interests you most. 


The comprehension reading and questions are differentiated from 1 star to 3 stars this week. 3 stars being the most challenging. The answers are for parents eyes only!


Hope to see you all soon, Miss Wiseman and Mrs Eksteen

 こんにちは Konichiwa Year 4, I hope you are enjoying playing as much as you are enjoying the activities that we put on the website each week. If you're waiting for the answer to what last week's kenning poem was about... it was about school children of course enlightened. This week, I have left you a fun poem called Vinnie's Vile Vegetables with some questions for you to answer. Question sections A are slightly easier and get more challenging up to D. Choose the right level to challenge yourself, but don't worry if you don't answer the super challenging D questions.


The poem from me this week is an action rhyme... check out the ambitious verbs and make up actions to match, then perform it to your family.


Leap like a Leopard by John Foster


Leap like a leopard.

Hop like a kangaroo.

Swing from branch to branch

Like a monkey in a zoo.


Dive like a dolphin.

Plunge like a whale.

Creep like a caterpillar.

Crawl like a snail. 


Scuttle like a spider.

Slither like a snake.

Slide like a duck

On a frozen lake.


Skip like a lamb.

Jump like a frog.

Stalk like a cat.

Scamper like a dog.


Plod like an elephant.

Prowl like a bear.

Shuffle like a tortoise.

Sprint like a hare.


Strut like a peacock

With feathers held high.

Glide like an eagle - 

Lord of the sky. 

Happy Monday year 4, I've got my writing hat on this week and have written you a kenning. A kenning is a poem that has a noun and a verb on each line. Each line is a clue and you have to guess what, or who the poem is about.


Idea thinker

Question maker

Times table master

Story writer

Art painter 

Uniform wearer

Lunch eater

Playground runner

Friend hugger

School lover


Do you recognise who it's about? I'll give you the answer next week.

In the meantime, why not have a try at writing your own kenning.






Hola year 4, I hope you enjoyed Easter and didn't eat too many eggs angel

 Here are the answers to the riddles I left you: The answer to the first 'What am I?' riddle was computer. The answer to my 'What am I?' riddle was of course... Easter egg.


This week, I'm giving you some tongue twisters to try. Say them slowly at first, then see if you can get faster and faster until your tongue trips up cheeky.


Shop Chat by Libby Houston


My shop stocks:

locks, chips,


watch straps,

traps, tops,

taps, tricks,

ship's clocks,

lipstick and chimney pots.

What does your shop stock?

Sharkskin socks.


Camilla Caterpillar by Mike Jub


Camilla caterpillar kept a caterpillar killer cat.

A caterpillar killer categorically she kept.

But alas the caterpillar killer cat attacked Camilla

As Camilla caterpillar catastrophically slept.


Week 3 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Reading Comprehension

 Bonjour year 4 smiley. I hope you enjoyed the riddles last week. Now it's time for the answers.

Our first riddle was Teaser by Tony Mitton... the answer was Elephants.

Our second riddle was Riddle by John Foster... the answer was Stomach.


 Ok, here's 2 more riddles for you to work out.


1. What am I? by Richard Caley


My first is in cover, but not in lid.

My second is in octopus, not in squid.

My third is in marmalade, also in jam.

My fourth is in pork, yet never in ham.

My fifth is in uncle and also in aunt.

My sixth's first in treacle and fifth when in plant.

My seventh is in every, eve and ewe twice.

Whilst my last is in curry as well as in rice. 


2. What am I? By Miss Wiseman

Wrapped in a rainbow

I shine like the sun

Until I am found

My wrapping undone

My marble walls are smooth as silk

of golden brown or white as milk

A treasure chest without a key

Open me up and treats you will see. 


Enjoy the riddles and I will reveal the answers next week. 




 Hello Everyone smiley,

   It's Miss Wiseman here. I thought it might be fun to share some riddle poems with you this week. Read the clues and see if you can guess what the poem is about. I'll give you the answers next week.


1. Teaser by Tony Mitton


 What kind of ants

tear down trees?

What kind of ants

roll in mud to take their ease?

What kind of ants

have four knees?

What kind of ants

flap their ears

in the breeze?

What kind of ants 

spell their name

with two e's?

Shh! Don't tell.

It's a tease.


2. Riddle by John Foster


My first in in fish but not in chips.

My second is in teeth but not in lip.

My third's in potato but not in plum.

My fourth's in mouth and also in thumb.

My fifth is in pear but not in cherry.

My sixth is in bacon but not in berry.

My last is in chocolate but not in crumble.

Sometimes when I'm empty you'll hear me rumble.


Have fun and I will share the answers to the riddles next week.

Week 2 - 30.3.20 Reading comprehension

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