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Activity 1


Light Sources

Use the Concept cartoons and Light source powerpoints to identify light sources and reflectors that help us see at night. 


Task  Complete the Venn Diagram on the Concept Cartoon Powerpoint and then have a go at the quiz.

Light and Shadow Fact sheets

In science this term we were about to start a topic on light. In this topic we were going to investigate different sources of light and understand how light travels. We were also going to investigate how light is reflected from different surfaces. This is a topic where we also investigate how shadows are formed. Have a look at the BBC Bitesize link below and discover more about light.
Usually we would be investigating how we can make shadows on the playground by blocking the sunlight with our bodies. If you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of the sun you could go into your garden and have a go at making shadows. You might even get to notice how they change shape depending on the time of the day. Take a look at the BBC Bitesize clip below. 

How to Stay Safe in the Sun!

Read through the powerpoint above and learn about how to stay safe in the sun. We are sure you already know about many of the points that are highlighted in the slides. We would like you to create a poster to let people know how to stay safe when outdoors in warm weather. Include all the main points from the powerpoint. Show off your brilliant art skills too with colourful pictures to make the poster as eye catching as possible. We are looking forward to your designs!

A fun sun safety word search to have a go at!