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SPaG Spring 2

Week 1 (22.02.21) – 2 (01.03.21)

For week 1, to support your learning on poetry, we’d like you to learn all about figurative language. We talk about this a lot in school and often focus on similes and metaphors, however there are lots of other examples of figurative language we can use which work brilliantly when writing poetry. Look at the ‘Figurative Language Information’ first and then complete the ‘Figurative Language Search’. After that, you can have a go at the ‘Figurative Language Quiz’. As always, you can complete both tasks by writing your answers on paper, there’s no need to print the sheets off. The answers are included too, so when you’re finished, you can check how you’ve done. 


For week 2, we’d like you to learn all about how to use brackets accurately. This is the first time we’ve looked at this in Year 5, so take your time and remember, you can always go back and watch the video or read the information again to help you. There are three activities to complete once you’ve learnt how to use brackets in your writing. As usual, you don’t need to print these activities off, you can just write your answers on paper or type them on your device. We’ve included the answers for you to check how you’ve got on! 

SPaG Spring 1

Week 5 (3.2.21) – 6 (10.2.21) 

For the next two weeks, we’d like you to recap your learning on starting sentences with our special Year 5 subordinating conjunctions (Although…, Even though…, Despite the fact that…,). You first learnt about this in week 1 – 2 of your home learning. If you’ve forgotten the rules for starting sentences with these subordinating conjunctions, then head back to the SPaG page of the website and look at week 1 – 2 or click here to take you straight to the lesson you need (click here!). 

Once you’re happy you know how to write sentences that start with these subordinating conjunctions, have a go at the two activities below. Check your answers when you are finished. As always, remember you don’t have to print the sheets, you can just write your answers on paper or type them on the device you’re using.

Week 3 – 4 

For the next two weeks, you have some SPaG activities linked to your myth writing. There are three activities included in the ‘Selecting effective vocabulary to enhance meaning’ document, which also includes the answers so that you can check your own work when you are finished.


As well as this, you need to complete this ‘Figurative language in poetry lesson’ on BBC Bitesize (click here). There are two videos to watch, some information to read and two activities to complete – you can write these down on paper if you would like to, or you can just look at the screen and think about the answers. 

Week 1 - 2

Have a go at these SPaG activities – you don’t need to do all of them in one go!

Split them up over the next two weeks. It would be useful if you completed the subordinating conjunctions activities before the modal verbs activities. smiley