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Rockstars News


Well done to everybody for taking part in our year group challenge. We did a fantastic job in year 4 as the final scores were super close. 


The Winners were...


1st Place: Year 5 with 1158 points

2nd Place: Year 4 with 1000 points

3rd Place: Year 3 with 354


Super well done to year 5.


We also had some amazing individual scores. Here are the year 4 high scorers:


1st: Jamie (4KW)

2nd: Marcel Sa (4KW)

3rd: Mitchell (4LE)

4th: Maddison (4LE)

5th: Pippa (4LE)

6th: Isaac (4KW)

7th: Callum (4LE)

8th: Jessica J (4LE)

9th:Theo (4KW)

10th: Taylor (4KW)


Below is a selection of times tables worksheets.

As a reminder, in Year 3 you learned the 3x, 4x and 8x tables and in Year 4 we have been learning the rest (up to 12 x  tables). In the folders are activities for each times table so you can practise fluency and applying your knowledge. You can pick and choose which activities you do, don't feel you have to do all of them. You can choose in which order you do them but it may be best to check you know the Year 3 ones really well first. 

TT Rockstars News


  Well done to everybody that played TT Rockstars last week. Your points all added to the class battles between 4LE and 4KW. 


In this battle, the winning class was (drum roll...)



The top 5 scoring children were:


1st: Jamie (4KW)

2nd: Marcel Sa (4KW)

3rd: Mitchell (4LE)

4th: Madison (4LE)

5th: Taylar (4KW)


Well done everybody. Look out for our next competition coming soon!

TT Rockstars News


Year 4, you are doing brilliantly on TT Rockstars.

In the top 20 players in our school, we have 10 year 4 children.

We also have a year 4 child at the top of the leader board, and another in 3rd place. 


Competition Time

 On Wednesday 20th January 2021 join in the Year 4 Class Competition.

It runs from 20/1/2021 until 27/1/2021.

Any points earned between 9am and 6pm will be counted.


Good Luck Rockstars!



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