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This half term our topic is Fascination of the Forest! We are learning all about rainforests!


Have a look at the map of the world below. It is showing where in the world all the rainforests are. 

Using the blank map below, can you label where the things in the list below are on the world. If you can't print the map off, you could just talk about where you think they are.

Can you label:





North America

South America




Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean

Indian Ocean

Southern Ocean 

Arctic Ocean


The Equator

North Pole

South Pole


Can you also add where the worlds jungles and rainforests are to your map using the map above to help you?


Science - Microhabitats

A micro-habitat is a tiny habitat where living things are. A micro-habitat could be under a log, in a flower pot or maybe in-between two rocks. Have a look at the powerpoint below to find out more about microhabitats. 

Can you go out and find a microhabitat? This could be inside or outside your home depending on which microhabitat you choose. 

What living things can you find in your microhabitat? - make a list of what you find.

What dead things can you find in your microhabitat?

What things can you find in your microhabitat that have never been alive?