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RE - Islam

Watch the following story.


The fisherman had nothing and couldn't catch a fish. He asked Allah for help, traded his fish for a loaf of bread and yet when he had a loaf of bread, he gave it to a family in need on the way home, knowing his own family was also poor and hungry. Soon he became rich. By giving to charity/those in need, Allah helped and blessed him.


What does this story teach us? Is it better to give, or to receive?



Have a go at the activity below. Can you write some thoughts and speech bubbles for the fisherman in the story? Remember to write the thoughts in the cloud bubbles and the speech in the rectangles.

Music - Sing along! 

Have a look at the following ‘out of th ark’ link. There are lots of songs for you to choose from and sing along to. Each song comes with some activity suggestions too, so have a go and enjoy!