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This week we are doing RE and PSHEC. Have a look at the activities below.

RE - Islam


Can you remember what the 5 pillars of Islam are? Watch this video to remind yourselves.

Think about the work we did last term on how Muslims pray. What do you remember?  

(Pray five times a day, wash before praying, prayer mat and face Mecca)


The last pillar was a pilgrimage to Mecca- a trip all Muslims should make to the birthplace of Muhammad. Watch the following video clips and have a look at the following powepoint about Mecca. 

Can you write a list of all the facts that you have found out about the pilgrimage to Mecca? 

PSHEC - Keeping Safe


Watch the following BBC Bitesize videos about keeping safe indoors. Why must we keep safe?

Have a look at the pictures below. Can you find where the dangers are? Why are they dangerous? What could happen if we aren’t careful? How can we make sure we are keeping safe? Who can help us keep safe?