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Week 4 - Division

Maths Week 4 – Division

This week, we will be learning how to divide numbers using the short division (or ‘bus stop’) method. Before we start thinking about what division looks like at a Year 5 level, watch the short video at the top of this page to remind yourself what we mean when we talk about division. You could then have a go at the quiz below to get your brain warmed up and thinking about dividing numbers.

So, division just means sharing one number into a given number of equal groups.


Lesson 1 – Short Division with no remainders

Watch the video demonstration to find out how to divide a 4-digit number by a 1-digit number using the short division (or ‘bus-stop’) method.  I have covered 2 different examples in this video. For today’s work, you will only be calculating with numbers that divide exactly so the first example is the most relevant. It may be a good idea to stop the video after the first example and re-watch it until you feel confident with the method. Then, have a go at the worksheet below. Like usual, select your level of challenge based on how confident you feel and use the answers to check your work. 

You could have a go at the quiz at the top of this Bitesize lesson to test your understanding too!

Short Division Demonstration

Still image for this video

Lesson 2 – Short Division with remainders

Watch the video demonstration above to find out how to divide a 4-digit number by a 1-digit number when it is not a multiple of that number. For today’s lesson, the second example on the video is the most relevant for your work. Then, try the worksheet below to practise your skills, checking your work once you have finished.

Lesson 3 – More Practise using short division

Watch the video from the previous two lessons again if you need to refresh your memory on how we can use short division to solve 4-digit divided by 1-digit questions. Then, have a go at the questions on the worksheet. Remember, you don’t have to complete all of the questions on the sheet, but have a go at a few until you feel confident.

Lesson 4 – Interpreting remainders in context

Watch this video to help you understand how to find answers to division word questions where the answer has a remainder.

Sometimes, you need to round your answer up, other times you need to round it down. It all depends on the context of the question so make sure you read the question really carefully and think about what your answer means in relation to the question.

Have a go at the worksheet below and don’t forget to mark your work using the answers provided.

Lesson 5 – Chilli Challenge

Use the chilli challenge to test your understanding of all the division concepts we’ve covered this week. Like in a normal chilli challenge, select your level but don’t forget you can move up or down the levels depending on how challenging you are finding it. You don’t have to complete all of the questions on one level, skip further down to the end of a challenge if you’re finding the beginning questions too easy.

Level 1 – More fluency practise of using the short division method to solve division questions

Level 2 – Spot the mistake and correct the calculation

Level 3 – Fill in the missing digits in the division calculation

Level 4 – Word problems involving interpreting the remainders in context