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Week 6 - Recap (10.02.21)

Week 6 – Recap of our learning this term

For these final few days of term, you will be re-capping all of the learning we have covered on the website since the Christmas holidays. Below are a few questions on each of the topics we have covered. You may want to look back on the previous home learning pages to re-watch any video demonstrations, or work through the BBC Bitesize lessons again if you feel as though you need to refresh your memory. If you feel confident, don’t hesitate to jump straight into the questions. Don’t forget to mark your answers so you can spot any potential mistakes. Make sure you break the learning up, you may want to have a go at 2 or 3 of the topics each day. You could choose to have a go at the topics you want a bit more practise on and skip the ones you feel super confident with- work in whatever way suits you best!


1.  Finding missing lengths of composite shapes

2. Calculating the perimeter of Rectangles and Composite shapes

3. Calculating the area of rectangles and Composite shapes

4. Estimating the area of irregular shapes

5. Short and long multiplication

6. Short division and interpreting remainders

7. Interpreting information in a table

8. Interpreting information in a timetable

9. Interpreting information on a line graph