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Week Commencing 18th Jan- Using your home learning packs

Monday 18th January-

Today we would like you to cut up the number flash cards from your home learning pack so that you can play a little game with them. We would like your grown up to hide them around the house so that you can go on a number hunt! Once you have found all of the numbers, ask your grown up to mix them all up and now it is your job to put them in the right order. Once you’ve put them all in the right order you have one more challenge. You need to close your eyes because your adult is going to take a number away. Can you tell them which one is missing? No peeking! If you are doing well then your grown up could try removing 2 or 3 numbers at a time. Which ones are missing? Don’t forget to count along the number track if you are struggling to work the answer out. 

Please see the video clip below for an example of the activity.

Monday Mini Maths

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Tuesday 19th January-

Spread your number cards out so that you can see all of the numbers. Choose two different number cards and tell your grown up what the numbers are. Can you show your grown up how to add the two numbers together? Use objects to help you. You could use cubes, lego pieces, bits of pasta, anything really! 

As a challenge you could try and write the number sentence down using the add symbol (+) and equals symbol (=). 

Please see the video clip below for an example of the activity.

Tuesday Mini Maths

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Wednesday 20th January-

Today we are going to compare two quantities. Spread out your number cards and choose two at random. Now make the amount shown on each card with objects- you can make them with anything; cars, sweets, crayons etc. When you have made the amounts make sure you line the objects up and count them again just to be sure you have the right amount. Which pile of objects has the most things? Which has least/ fewest? Explore your items; can you sort them in any way? E.g. put the red cars together, put the big cars together. Next try and match the sorted objects to the correct numeral. Can you place the numbers and objects in order? 

Please see the video clip below for an example of the activity.

Wednesday Mini Maths

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Wednesday Mini Maths Extension
If your child has a good understanding of number and you want to extend their learning, have a look at the clip below to see how you can help your child compare numbers using a number track rather than concrete objects. Please note, there is absolutely no rush to move your child away from using objects and we strongly encourage using objects in maths to ensure the children understand the often abstract concepts. However, this is here if you feel your child is ready for a challenge. You could always use the objects and the number track if you would like.

Wednesday Mini Maths Extension

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Thursday 21st Jan-
Today Mr Thomas is going to show you how we tackle subtraction at school. You will see that he uses objects first and then moves on to the number line. As we said for Wednesdays task, if your child isn’t ready for the number line that is absolutely fine and there is no rush to move away from using objects.

Please see the video clip below for an example of the activity.

Thursday Mini Maths

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Friday 22nd Jan-

It’s Friday! Each Friday we will set a fun Mini Maths problem solving activity that gives the children the opportunity to apply their maths skills. 
Your challenge for this week is below: 

*Show your child 4 or 5 objects.

*Ask them to close their eyes whilst you cover some of the objects with a cloth. Can your child work out how many of the objects you have covered up? 

*Practise in different contexts, for example you could use teddies and a ‘tent’, horses and a ’stable’ or cars and a ‘garage’. 

*Encourage your child to use concrete objects, draw a picture or use their fingers to help them explain how they know what is missing.

This kind of activity encourages lots of ‘maths talk’ which can be a fantastic tool for gauging if your child understands a concept or not. Let us know how you get on! X