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Week Commencing 1st Feb- Pattern

Monday 1st February-

This week we are learning about patterns. First of all we would like you to help your child think about patterns that they are familiar with in their environment, for example a zebra crossing with its black and white stripes, perhaps their duvet has a pattern on, the tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, the stripes on a wasp, a piece of clothing with a pattern on, the bottom of their shoes etc.


Now you’ve had a good chat with your child about patterns, please watch the video below which tells you what we would like you to do today. 

Mr T explores pattern

Still image for this video

Tuesday 2nd February-

As you have hopefully seen in our new 150 Point Challenge, for the next fortnight our class story book is ‘Aliens in Underpants Save the World’. Today, we would like you to decorate some pants with a pattern please! You can either use a pair of pants that you have at home or here is a link to a paper pair that you can print off. You could also simply draw a pair of course!


This is one of your 150 point challenge activities so you will earn some points by doing this one!  Please watch the video below for some guidance on the kind of thing you could do.

Patterns on pants!

Still image for this video

Wednesday 3rd February-

Today we would like you to put your new pattern making/ finishing skills in to practice with this online game.

Thursday 4th February- 

Today we would like you to explore more patterns. We would like you to ask your child to build towers using their own repeating patterns. Can they say their pattern aloud? Encourage your child to use key vocabulary such as big brick, little brick, long brick, short brick, red brick, blue brick etc.


We would also like you to challenge your child to describe patterns they can make with their body, for example, tap your knees, clap, tap your knees, clap, tap your knees etc. Or hands up, hands down, hands up, hands down. See if your child can make up their own pattern and say the pattern aloud.  

Friday 5th February- 

As you all know by now Friday is our problem solving day! Today we have a super challenge for you and it links to the pattern work we’ve been doing all week. See the photo below for your challenge.