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Week Commencing 1st Feb

Monday 1st February-

Good Morning everyone! We hope you all managed to join in with the phonics activities last week. This week will be learning even more Phase 3 digraphs. Watch the video clip below to find out which sound we are learning today.


Now you have watched the video we would like you to have a go at one blending activity and one segmenting activity. First, get your adult to write the following words on a piece of paper: shark, mark and park. Now, can you add the sound buttons in the right place? Let us give you a reminder, you’ve got to look out for digraphs! These will have a line/dash underneath not a button.


Now you have practiced your reading it is time to show us your marvelous writing. Can you write the words farm, bark and charm? See if you can do it without your grown-ups help. The sound mats in you learning pack will be great to help you.

Tuesday 2nd February-

Today we are learning another new sound! But before we learn our new sound we need to have a quick recap of the sounds we already know. Ask your grown up to scatter your sound flash cards around the front room. When they say a sound, you need to run and sit on it! So if mummy/ daddy/ nanny says ‘ee’ then you need to find it and sit on it as quick as you can.


OK now we are warmed up, our sound today is ‘or’ and Mr Thorne will show you what it sounds like.


It’s time for your activity. Ask your grown up to write the caption ‘corn on the fork’. Your job is to then read the caption and draw a picture to match the caption. If you’re feeling super clever and would like an extra challenge you could always have a go at writing your own caption using the ‘or’ sound. Note- A caption is a brief explanation accompanying a picture.

Wednesday 3rd February-

Morning! Just like we did last week we would like you to warm up your brains with a quick game which recaps some of the sounds we’ve learnt so far. Just select phase 2 and decide if you want to play for 1 minute or 2 smiley


Our new sound today is ‘ur’ and here is your daily link to Mr Thorne:


To practise blending with your new sound we have a game for you;


Now your challenge is to write a list of words containing the ‘ur’ digraph please. Don’t forget to stretch out the words using your slinkies.

Thursday 4th February-

As a warm up today we would like you to get moving! Ask your grown up to hide your flash cards around the house so that you can go and find them. When you have found them, take them back to your grown up and tell them which sounds you found.


Your new sound is ‘ow’ and Mr Thorne has two video clips for you to watch.


Now we would like you to be sound detectives and look for the ‘ow’ sound in books you have at home. The children love to do this at school often using a magnifying glass. Keep the books that contain the ‘ow’ sound to one side as you will need them for the last challenge.


Watch our video explaining how we use a phoneme frame in school. We have attached a template below that you can download and print or you can draw your own.


Now that you have found some words and watched the clip about phoneme frames, can you write the words you found into your own phonemes frame?smiley


If you want more practice using phoneme frames, we have added a really useful video in our 'useful videos and websites' section. Follow the link below.

Phoneme Frames

Still image for this video
A short video to show you how to use phoneme frames. 😀

Phoneme frames template

Friday 5th February-

It is nearly the weekend and you have done an amazing job once again this week. Let’s do our final phonics session of the week! First we would like you to recap the phase 3 sounds that we have learnt so far (sh,ch,qu,th,ng,ai,ee,oo,ar, or, ur and ow) Ask your grown up to use the flash cards and do speedy sounds with you.


Now it is time to learn three new tricky words (words that need to be taught by sight). This week we would like you to learn ‘me’, ‘be’ ‘and ‘was’. We would like you to choose how you learn these words please. It could be by painting them, writing them or you could even make a game like the two ideas below (but make sure you use our new words me’, ‘be’ ‘and ‘was’ and not the words used in the pictures!)

 We would love to see how you choose to learn the words.heart

Tricky word fun activities. Please use the words 'we','be' and 'was'