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Week Commencing 22nd Feb- 3D Shape

Monday 22nd Feb-

Good Morning! We are back! We hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed the break from home schooling.   

This week we are focussing on 3D shapes. To get us started, please listen to this song all about 3D shapes.


Now that you have listened to the song you hopefully know the name of some 3D shapes. Have a look at this picture for a few extra shapes. The triangular prism and the cuboid weren’t in the song but are both 3D shapes too.

Your challenge today is to gather a small collection of objects that are 3D shapes (such as a small ball, a toy building brick, a dice and a glue stick). Hide the objects in a bag or under a piece of fabric. Put your hand under the fabric or in the bag and describe what you can feel to an adult. Don’t peek! Can your grown up guess what you have got? Do you know what it is just by feeling it? Has it got flat faces or curved ones? Has it got many edges? Would it be good to build with or is it a good rolling shape?

Repeat the game but this time ask your grown up to feel the object and describe it for you.


Tuesday 23rd Feb-

Now that you are a bit more familiar with the names of the 3D shapes, we would like you to explore them today please. Take a look at the challenge below. You can either use real shapes (if you have them at home) or picture of shapes.

Wednesday 24th Feb-

You are now 3D shape experts! So today it is time for a bit of fun. We would like you to get creative today with some junk modelling please. Raid the recycling bin and get some empty boxes, tubes, lids etc. and see what you can build. Can you build a bridge? A chair? A car? Talk to your grown up about which parts of your model were easy to join together, which bits were tricky? Which shapes made a good base to your model? Can you tell your grown-ups what any of the shapes are called? We can’t wait to see what you build and which shapes you use!


Thursday 25th Feb-

Have a look at the pictures below. They are all of different buildings around the world.

Can you see any shapes in the buildings? Which shapes can you see? Some buildings have lots of shapes in. Today we would like you to design your own building.  You can draw it and could extend your building by adding arches, bridges and moats!

Friday 26th Feb-

It is Friday yay! Almost time for a well-earned rest. Today we would like you to go on a shape hunt! What 3D shapes can you find? See if you can find a sphere, a cube and a cuboid. You get 10 points for each shape you find. Can you find any others? Who will score the most points in your family?

We had a go at finding 3D shapes too; I wonder who scored the most points? Mrs Thornley, Mrs Peet or Mr Thomas? Watch the video below to see what we found.

This is one of your 150 point challenge activities so you will earn some points by doing this one!

3D Shape Hunt

Still image for this video