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Week Commencing 22nd Feb

Monday 22nd February-

Good Morning everyone, we hope you had a lovely half term. It’s the first day back and we are all feeling refreshed, so time for a phonics warm up! Have a go at the game listed below; you will need to select set 6,7,8,9 and 10.


Next, please watch the video clips below to find out which sound we are learning today. This week’s new sounds/phonemes are tricky as they have three letters that go together to make just one sound. They are called trigraphs.


Now that you have watched it, we would like you to have a go at game using your new sound ‘ear’. Follow the link below but remember to select the ‘ear’ option.


Lastly, as a challenge we would like you to have a go at writing the caption ‘fear the spear’.

Well done everyone!

Tuesday 23rd February-

Today we are learning another new sound! But before we learn our new sound we need to have a quick recap of the sounds we already know. Ask your grown up to spread all of the purple sounds out of your pack onto the floor. Can you put your finger on the sound the grown up says? Every time you get it right you score a point. How many points did you get? Can you repeat the activity and score more points?


OK, now we move onto our new sound which today is ‘air’. Mr Thorne and Geraldine will show you what it sounds like in the video below.


To practice reading the ‘air’ sound please repeat the blending game from yesterday.


Now to show us what you have learnt, can you have a go at writing the sentence ‘The hair is fair’?

Wednesday 24th February-

To get us warmed up today we would like you recap all of phase 3 learned sounds we have learnt so far by playing speedy sounds with your flash cards (sh,ch,qu,th,ng,ai,ee,ar,or,ur ,ow, aw, oi, er, ear, air.)There are LOTS of sounds and you are doing amazing learning!


Our new sound today is ‘ure’ and here are the links to two videos which show you what it sounds like:

Mr Thorne-



To practise your new sound, please have a go at the dragon blending game again, but make sure you select ‘ure’.


To finish your phonics today can you write ‘sure it is pure’?

Well done guys this is tricky stuff and you are all doing an amazing job!

Thursday 25th February- 

To get warmed up today please spread all of the phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs on a table face down, now choose one. Do you know what sound it is?

If you get it right then you get to keep the card and score one point! If you are unsure of the sound, please return it to the middle of the table and try again.


You will be excited to know that toady is the last trigraph and, not just that, it’s the last phase 3 sound we will learn in Early Years!


Start by watch the two videos below:

Mr Thorne-



Now that you have watched them, we would like you to have a go at game using your new sound ‘igh’. Follow the link below but remember to select the ‘igh’ option.


In every phonics lesson we always practice the new sound in our writing. Can you have a go at writing this list of words: might, light, night and sight.


Keep going boys and girls this is tricky business!

Friday 26th February-

Today we will be consolidating the sounds we have learnt this week as we know they are the trickiest ones we have learnt so far. Firstly, we would like you to have a go at seeing how many sounds you can recognise in 1 minute- you could even make this into a competition and try and beat a sibling or a grown up!


To practice blending words with the trigaphs in, we have attached a worksheet below.  All you need to do is sound out the word and match it to the right picture. If you have no access to a printer this is no problem, the children can always read the words on the screen and point to the corresponding picture.


Next we would like you to write this list of words, thinking carefully about those trigraphs. Using your slinkies will really help to include all of the sounds.







WOW one more week of Home Learning complete, you are all superstars!







Trigraphs worksheet