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Week Commencing 25th Jan- Money

Monday 25th January- 

This week we will be looking at money, in particular coins. Today we would like you to have a look at different coins you have at home (hopefully you can find a 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2). Can you talk about how they look? Please give your child time to have good look at them before you ask questions. Discuss how they are the same/different, the shape, colour, size and the number written on them.


Next can you have a go at sorting them into groups? Can your child say how they have sorted them? They may need ideas given to the first e.g. size, colour, worth etc. They could even write a label for each of their groups e.g. large coins, small coins, silver coins etc. We would love to see a photograph!


If your child would like to explore sorting in more detail or if you do not have access to many coins at home  there is a link to a sorting game below, you will need to select sorting and then choose 1 or 2 coins;

Tuesday 26th January-

Today we will recap the value of each coin and what they look like. We would like you to do coin rubbings please and there is a video below to show you exactly how to do this.


To make this more of a challenge you may like to make a picture like the ones below or even do your rubbings in order starting with smallest value to the largest, from 1p up to £2. Again we would love to see your creations.



Coin Rubbing

Still image for this video

Wednesday 27th January-

Today we will be exploring the value of different coins. Talk to the children about what the coins are worth e.g. 2p is the same as 1p+1p or 5p is the same as 1p+1p+1p+1p+1p. Have a go at making different amounts to 10p.




Next we would like you to make a basic shop with your child, using some of your children’s toys and then give each toy a price label e.g. 5p, 10p, 6p. Now have fun playing shops, your child can be the customer. Can they use real coins to pay for items? You may need to show them how to make different amounts of money and reiterate that some amounts cannot be paid for with just one coin. This is one of your 150 point challenge activities so you will earn some points by doing this one smiley


Below is a video of our basic shop in school;

Bob’s Shop

Still image for this video

Thursday 28th January-

Today we are carrying on with looking at the value of coins and adding coins together. We would like you to play the game ‘How much money in the Piggy Bank’ by following the link below. When you get onto the game you will need to select the ‘counting’ option and then ‘1p-10p’. To help your child add two coins together you may want to use objects, fingers or real coins. If you have chance to take a photograph/screenshot of your score and email it in then you know we will be thrilled to see it.

Friday 29th January-

As we said last week, Friday is our problem solving day! So, today we would like you to complete a problem solving task with your child using all the things they have learnt this week. Can you use real coins to see how many different ways you can find to make 10p? You can record your answers however you like. Below is an example of one way of recording them. We are excited to see how you choose to record! smiley