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Week Commencing 25th Jan

Monday 25th January-

Good Morning everyone! Last week you were absolutely amazing and did so well with all of the new sounds. So this week we are going to hit you with some more! Watch the video clip below to find out which sound we are learning today.


Now that you have watched it, we would like you to have a go at an activity using your new sound ‘ng’. Can you write the caption ‘the king and ring’? It would be great if you could add sound buttons to your words as it makes them much easier to read. Watch the clip below for an example of how to add sound buttons.

Sound Buttons

Still image for this video

Tuesday 26th January-

Today we are learning another new sound! But before we learn our new sound we need to have a quick recap of the sounds we already know. Ask your grown up to scatter your sound flash cards around the front room. When they say a sound, you need to run and sit on it! So if mummy/ daddy/ nanny says ‘ch’ then you need to find it and sit on it as quick as you can.


OK now we are warmed up, our sound today is ‘ai’ and Mr Thorne will show you what it sounds like.


It’s time for your activity. Ask your grown up to write the words pain, rain and sail for you and see if you can read them? We know you can do it!  Now see if you can stretch out your own 'ai' words, using your pretend slinky. You could even write them down as you do it. Please see the video below for ideas of how we use slinkies;

Using slinkies to segment words for writing

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Wednesday 27th January-

To get us warmed up today here is a link to a game you can play which recaps some of the sounds we’ve learnt so far. Just select phase 2 and decide if you want to play for 1 minute or 2.


Our new sound today is ‘ee’ and here is a link which shows you what it sounds like:


To practise your new sound we have a game for you. Ask your grown up to write been need keep peep and sheep on small pieces of paper so you can play the ‘race to the chocolate’ game below. To win the game you have to read each word, taking a step forward when you get it right, until you reach the chocolate! You could use a counter or a little figurine to take the steps.As a challenge you could even write a word yourself and add it to the game.


Race to the chocolate!

Thursday 28th January-

As a warm up today we would like you to get moving! Ask your grown up to hide your flash cards around the house so that you can go and find them. When you have found them, take them back to your grown up and tell them which sounds you found.


Your new sound is a funny one because there are two ways to say it. Watch these clips and Mr Thorne will explain, but in short sometimes the ‘oo’ grapheme can make a short sound (like in the word book) and sometimes it can make a long sound (like in the word spoon).


Long oo sound:



Short oo sound:


This one is a tricky one so take some time to discuss it. If you would like an activity to get your teeth in to, you could become a sound detective and spot the ‘oo’ sounds in books you have at home? Discuss if it makes a long or short ‘oo’ sound.

Friday 29th January-

It is nearly the weekend and you have done an amazing job again this week. Let’s do our final phonics session of the week! First we would like you to recap the phase 3 sounds that we have learnt so far (sh,ch,qu,th,ng,ai,ee and oo) Ask your grown up to use the flash cards and do speedy sounds with you.


Now it is time to learn three new tricky words (words that need to be taught by sight). This week we would like you to learn ‘he’, ‘she ‘and ‘we’. To help us learn them, please write the three tricky words on separate pieces of paper and then get three chairs or cushions and stick one word on each. Play musical chairs! When the music stops you have to sit on a chair and then tell your grown up which tricky word you are sat on. Make sure you write the words using your Marvin writing. 


Below is a link to a video showing you how we do our Marvin letters.

Marvin letters demonstration

Still image for this video