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Week Commencing 8th Feb- Problem Solving

Monday 8th February-

Good Morning all! You are nearly there parents; it is the final push before half term! This week we are exploring the number 10. Once a child has a good understanding of what 10 is and what it looks like, it really helps them to grasp lots of tricky concepts. It also helps them hugely ahead of Year 1. So this week we will have lots of fun exploring and investigating 10.


For your first activity, please see below:

As you can see in the dinosaur example above, the children are inadvertently exploring number bonds to 10 by splitting their 10 objects in to 2 groups. There are 5 dinosaurs in one ‘Jurassic park’ and 5 in the other. 5 and 5 = 10. You could do with this anything so long as you have 10 of one thing. Simply encourage your child to split the 10 objects between 2 groups in lots of different ways.

Tuesday 9th February-

Today we have a game for you to play with your child. Mr Thomas will show you how to play, but before that, please watch ‘Session 5’ on the link below and get warmed up for maths with a bit of bingo!


Now that you are warmed up and ready to go, please follow the link below to watch the video and you will see how to play our little game :)

Wednesday 10th February-

The link below will take you to an excellent maths website. Please look at ‘Session 4’ for an interactive lesson about making 10.


We hope you got on OK? Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer to print the resources to play the game right at the end. The rest of the video had plenty of super learning in so no need to panic if you are unable to play. You could always tweak the final game and make it work for you using your number cards if you want to? If you do have a printer then here is the link to the resources-

Thursday 11th February- 

It is the last day of term and what amazing maths you have done this week. Well done everyone. For your last challenge today the aliens from our current class book ‘Aliens in Underpants Save the World’ have asked us to solve a problem! They want us to draw a pair of pants and use 10 objects to find lots of different ways to make 10.

You can see that they have found that 8 +2 is 10. Can you find any other ways to make 10?This is one of your 150 point challenge activities so you will earn some points by doing this one!