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Week Commencing 8th Feb

Monday 8th February-

Good Morning everyone! It’s the last week of daily phonics sessions and then we promise you a week off! It’s Monday and we are all feeling a little sluggish, time for a phonics warm up! Have a go at the game listed below, you will need to select set 6,7,8,9 and 10.


Next watch the video clips below to find out which sound we are learning today.


Now that you have watched it, we would like you to have a go at an activity using your new sound ‘oa’. Can you write the caption ‘goat on a boat’? It would be great if you could add sound buttons to your words as it makes them much easier to read.



Tuesday 9th February-

Today we are learning another new sound! But before we learn our new sound we need to have a quick recap of the sounds we already know. Ask your grown up to spread all of the purple sounds out of your pack onto the floor. Can you put your finger on the sound the grown up says? Every time you get it right you score a point. How many points did you get? Can you repeat the activity and score more points?


OK, now we move onto our new sound which today is ‘oi’. Mr Thorne and Geraldine will show you what it sounds like in the two videos below.


To practice reading the ‘oi’ sounds in words you could use this flashcards video;


Now to show us what you have learnt, can you have a go at writing the sentence ‘The coin was in the soil.’?

Wednesday 10th February-

To get us warmed up today we would like you recap all of phase 3 learned sounds we have learnt so far by playing speedy sounds with your flash cards (sh,ch,qu,th,ng,ai,ee,oo,ar,or,ur ,ow, aw, oi,). There are LOTS of sounds and you are doing amazing learning!


Our new sound today is ‘er’ and here is a link which shows you what it sounds like:


To practise your new sound ask one of your grown ups to write this list of words: rocker, boxer, river and finger. Can you have a go at reading them all by yourself? Don’t forget to add your sound buttons to help.


Well done! Awesome reading!

Thursday 11th February-

WOW it’s the last day of term and you all deserve a rest but we’ve got just one more phonics session to squeeze in.


First we would like you to recap the phase 3 sounds that we have learnt so far (sh,ch,qu,th,ng,ai,ee,oo,ar,or,ur, ow,oi and er), Ask your grown up to use the flash cards and do speedy sounds with you.  If you are particularly on the ball today you could even think of a word that has that sound in it e.g. sh for sheep or rain has the ai sound in the middle).


Now we would like you to practice the 6 tricky words we have learnt this term (he, she, we, me, be, was). Don’t forget children, these are the words we can’t sound out- we just need to know them. To practice these words we have a fun Valentine’s Day activity for you and all you need is some paper, a pencil and a dice. Ask your grown up to draw you a big heart and next to the heart write these words and numbers;







Now is the fun part, roll the dice and which ever number it rolls on you must read the tricky word and write it inside your heart. Keep repeating this until you heart is full of tricky words.


The picture below shows you what the activity looks like at the start and what it looks like at the end. But please use the words listed above!

Roll a tricky word (1.he 2.she 3.we 6.was)