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World Book Day

Let's Celebrate World Book Day - 4th March 2021


This year we would like you to join in with some of our lovely activities to celebrate the joy and wonder of books! 


Activity 1 - 'The Bear and the Piano'

The entire school will be reading the beautiful story of 'The Bear and the Piano' to celebrate World Book Day & we would like you to enjoy it too. We've included it in a link below for you to read together. Use our 'Reading from Home Tips' section of the website in 'English' to help you with questions you could ask to discuss the story in more depth. It has some lovely themes of friendship, loyalty, aspirations and determination to explore.


In the story, The Bear discovers a hidden talent. In class, we will be showcasing our own talents by holding a talent show. We would love you to show off some of your talents too. Send us a video or a picture via the year 3 email or seesaw to show off what you're good at or something you really enjoy doing.

For example: it could be a video of you singing, reading a poem aloud or skipping, a picture of a culinary master piece you have cooked or baked, or some art work or writing you're really proud of, or a picture of a certificate you've received for swimming, karate or anything at all. 

Activity 2 – Share a Story
We would like the children to share their favourite book with you and with us. We would love to see photos or videos of the children reading and looking at it. They could even tell us why it is their favourite and why they would recommend it to a friend.
Activity 3 – Recreate a front cover
We would love for you to recreate the front cover of your favourite book or a well known book of your choice. You can do this in any way you like; paint, pencils, collage, Lego, junk modelling, dress up and pose. It’s up to you! We have included a Powerpoint (see below) with some ideas to help you. Then send us your fantastic recreations by uploading a picture to seesaw or our year group email. Remember, there will be prizes!